The Mystical And Magical Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Welcometh to a timeth yond shall change thy life!

Minnesota Renaissance Fair
Renaissance Fair. Photo: Precious Vue

Transport to the annual fall event Minnesota Renaissance Festival. This historic, medieval celebration is a once-in a lifetime experience to live, dress, eat, and act like a proper local of the Renaissance era. The fair spans from September to October, only on weekends from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Admissions for adults is $24.95, children is $16.95, and seniors is $23.95.

Minnesota Renaissance Fair
Queen’s Puh. Photo: Precious Vue

Once you’ve bought tickets and enter the castle gates; you’ll be awestricken by the vivacious, vibrant, world of the era. There are shops with tailors, bakers, pastry makers, blacksmiths, and more. The streets are bustling with people dressed as royals, peasants, and mythical creatures. Personally, the costumes are the best part of the fair. Occasionally the sound of vendors shouting, “huzzah for the tipper,” can be heard passing through food vendors. Of course, the smell of flavorful foods lingers everywhere.

Minnesota Renaissance Fair
Festival Food Stands. Photo: Precious Vue

Most shops at the festival are hand-made crafts, all inspired by the Renaissance era and owned by small businesses. There are a variety of shops selling everything from masks, crowns, goblets, bowls to daggers. It’s a perfect place to gift a peer an item from the past and support independent businesses.

Minnesota Renaissance Fair
M’lords Tailor. Photo: Precious Vue

Walking on the dirt grounds calls for a meal. Food stands may not serve extravagant dishes like the Minnesota State Fair, but it does serve meals meant for a royal. Try everything from a meaty turkey leg to a savory salad wrap, or sweet-filled crepes. While eating a feast, enjoy free shows of performances like sword swallowing, play reenactments, magic shows, anything you could imagine.

If walking isn’t enough, there are plenty of games to entertain you. Whether it’s for adults or children there are so many fun activities like games, rides, and even jousting. The festival has multiple spots to take photos like the Fairy Wing Forest and the Mermaids Cave.

Justice Booth
Justice Booth. Photo: Precious Vue

The Minnesota Renaissance Festival is mythical, magical, and enchanting. It’s a place to escape reality and indulge in a time where time does not exist. Prepare your gowns, crowns, swords, and more for an era of culture, art, and captivation.

Thy fair awaits f’r thee.

Minnesota Renaissance Fair
Precious at the Renaissance Festival.

Precious Vue

Contributing Editor

Precious is a Hmong-American from Minnesota. She utilizes traveling to recognize humanity within differing world cultures. Precious is made of the memories through her travels in Europe and North America. Her favorite countries so far have been France, Germany, and Italy. When she is not traveling, she is either reading or finding ways to enter Mount Olympus.

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