4 Places That Put Some Sparkle Into The Holidays

Lights, camera, and more lights during the holidays.


No matter how old you get, lights are always a big part of the magic of Christmas. On the road, nothing is more pleasant than seeing trees or houses lit in the glow of multi-colored lights from Black Friday and sadly to New Year’s. Who doesn’t feel like a kid again pointing out the beautiful lawn masterpieces that neighbors create so that others can enjoy? These lights really get you in the holiday mood, bringing to life the magic of the holidays that everyone feels inside of them.

But why a whole article as a tribute to the twinkling stars of the season? Well, this is for those who appreciate the radiance of the season, as seen through the magic of Christmas lights. Below are five fantastic ways to enjoy the holidays while feeling like they’re in the City of Lights anywhere (after dark of course):

1.  Your own street!

Take a look down your own street and notice all of the hard work and effort that your neighbors, especially those with kids, have done to reflect their investment in the holiday season. Is there one strand of lights or did they set up a whole scene complete with reindeer and a sleigh? Taking a walk around your own neighborhood with a cup of hot chocolate in hand can fill you with holiday spirit even on a cold winter night.

2.  The Happiest Place on Earth: Disneyland!

This one is a given. If you live remotely near Anaheim and have not seen Disneyland around Christmastime, you must get off of the computer and go. Right now. If you think Disneyland is magical any other time of year, their lights and holiday spirit heighten it 100 times over! They go so far as to make every ride have some type of holiday addition to it, infusing your every step with holiday cheer. The Happiest Place on Earth just got happier

3.  Your Christmas tree!

I just recently helped my mom put the lights on the tree for the first time and it was quite the event, practically entangling ourselves with the lights in branches of the tree. But when everything is finally on there and you step back to look at your work, there is a sense of pride and happiness that fills you as you think of all the people that will enjoy your tree trimmings. Though I don’t usually sit in the room with my tree, silently reading a book on the couch next to the lit tree simply gives me a sense of comfort and cheer.

4.  A local mall?

Yes! This is actually a suggestion! Go around to the largest mall near you and you are bound to find it decorated for the holidays. In my opinion, no one does it better than The Grove in Los Angeles. Not only do they have the skyscraper-high tree, Santa’s workshop and a Santa sleigh high above people’s heads, but they even make it “snow” every night at 6 and 7 pm during the holiday season as they play Christmas music. I have to go there every year to “shop” (even if I don’t spend a dime) just to check out all the lights.

While lights may seem like some obscure thing that we appreciate but may not think about, think again! There are beautiful twinkling holiday lights all around you that keep you cheerful and are available to enjoy during this wonderful season. No matter what you celebrate, no matter where you are, you are always able to step back and imagine your own City of Lights. Happy Holidays!

Article written by Sarah Graham.

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