Ono Creations’ Eco-Friendly Accessories At COEUR

It’s our pleasure to personally meet with Bernadette Bodenmueller, creator of ono creations, at COEUR L.A.

COEUR is one of the most chic and trending trade shows around which brings together contemporary brands creating exceptional lifestyle, home and fashion products. Thus it was no surprise to see one of our brilliant vendors from Jetset Times SHOP, ono creations, participate in the most stylish trade show of the year!

Last month we had the pleasure of personally meeting with Bernadette Bodenmueller, creator of ono creations, at COEUR L.A. It was amazing to see and feel her eco-friendly non-leather bags and accessories in real life.

The blend of natural cork, tencel, bamboo and cotton which Bernadette developed with local artisans in Bali feels exquisitely smooth to the touch and doesn’t rip or stain. Every product looks even better in person than it does in pictures and they’re the perfect accessory to complement a boho-chic look.

It’s inspiring to listen to Bernadette talk about the “cause no harm” philosophy and her belief in ethical manufacturing which drives her vision. Fashion has become the 2nd highest polluting industry in the world and exploits millions of impoverished workers every year. Bernadette makes sure that every step of product creation does no harm to the environment, people and animals.

Watch the video to see Bernadette model the full collection and shop for ono creations exceptional eco-friendly accessories on Jetset Times SHOP!

Nadia Cho

Communications Associate

As the empowered female behind the blog: International Women of Mystery, Nadia reps Team JST traveling the world in search of exclusive features on hidden gems and cool hotspots. You can find her exploring metropolitan cities or lounging on tropical beaches.

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