Brands We Can Get Behind At Natural Products Expo

Live a healthier and natural life with small biz brands.

I have been a “booth babe” at over 150 conventions. It’s not a job that I need or have to do, but I keep going back for more. Why? Well, what I take away from these trade shows and conferences is much more valuable than the dollar per hour. I meet new people every time, learn new things about industries that I would otherwise never have, and most of the time I come home with a bag full of free goodies. Each show has its own typical handouts, some are pretty boring giving out stress balls and mints. Others get a little more creative or useful with their lip balms and gadgets. But no show gives out the number of goodies that The Natural Products Expo does, better known as Expo West. I’m talking bags and bags of samples and products. Free food and more chocolate than you can handle. The best part – it’s all natural.

You can see why Expo West is my favorite. This year I decided I needed to go full press pass and really take the time to discover new brands to share with the world. The expo is four days with thousands of vendors over multiple floors and rooms. It’s one of the largest expos in North America. Because the expo is all about natural and organic products, there are a lot of companies that promote vegan and vegetarian living. I find it very easy to eat this way in Los Angeles, there are a lot of restaurants that cater to this lifestyle. But how about in smaller cities, what are the options there? I set out at Expo West to find new brands to share that can help you make healthier choices for your everyday diet. Vegan alternatives and natural products that can easily replace some of the big corp products you turn to because you’re not aware of the other available options. What’s even better about these brands is many of them have stories that come from overcoming sickness or born from a love of wanting to help the community. They give back, practice sustainability and are just all around much better quality products and foods.

By now we’re all used to ordering things online and shopping on Amazon. So below you will find some great new products that you can get with a click, and it will forever change your life for the better. Here’s to a healthier more natural life with small biz brands that are WAY better than the big brand names we’ve been programmed to use. I hope this vlog helps you discover some new vegan and natural products you love.

Here are some of my favorite discoveries from Expo West. Below is where to buy, from left to right:


Brittanie’s Thyme Facial Creme is a brand that I can get behind. It’s a family run business and I really think they get it. I have several products to try for my skincare regimen. I liked that the line was gentle for sensitive skin because that is very me. I will update you all on how my face liked this line once I have had some time with it. Poopourri is seriously life. If you don’t have it, get it now. Pictured is the on the go size which comes in a multi-pack. My fav scent is tropical hibiscus. It’s a game changer people, get with it. Sun Bum has a new (baby) line of crap-free sunscreens and products. I’m excited because I like this brand (very laid-back, surfer-style), but do not like their regular sunscreens because of all the unwanted ingredients. I highly recommend using baby products as they often are much better for sensitive skin and all around health in general. I fell in love with Bee Bella because, well one, I just adore bees, and two, the guys at the booth really did care about their product. They actually raise the bees that the lip balm comes from. Another brand I am excited about is Mineral Fusion. I tested their natural tanning lotion with great results (it was on my insta story @actessdenise, follow me!) I also tried their brush on translucent powder with sunscreen and it’s a great product for on-the-go women. My last favorite product was, no surprise, a chocolate bar by Rhythm 108! And what a chocolate bar it is, because it includes real healthy ingredients and is way, way better for you than a regular bar from the convenience store. It tastes sooooo good, trust me. There are two flavors I am in love with, Sweet N’Salty Almond and Hazelnut Praline Quinoa. Unfortunately, you can’t seem to get this in the U.S. yet, and they’re not on Amazon so sorry to tempt you, but I really loved it so keep your eyes out for its debut.

Have you discovered something new and vegan that you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments!

The press room had a few extra goodies, where I discovered things like the Sonoma Creamery Cheese Crisp bar and Justin’s new Cashew Butter Cups (coming soon!) PHOTO DENISE POOLE


Purpose Tea supports jobs for women, and it tastes great! PHOTO DENISE POOLE


Good Catch had a vegan alternative to tuna and it was actually really tasty. PHOTO DENISE POOLE

Denise Poole

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