Apparently, Edinburgh’s Royal Mile Makes The Perfect Spot For Crowdsurfing

Rugby fans love the sensation of semi-flying.

Edinburgh may be known for its majestic castle, haunted ghost tours, and downright cheery pubs. Bet you didn’t know crowdsurfing was an adventurous option. Despite that “adventurous” is possibly an overstatement for the sensation of semi-flying.

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On Saturday, videos of rugby fans crowdsurfing in the middle of Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mile went viral. The Scots are known for their loving friendliness. Though from the looks of this clip, they’re always down to have an awesome time. The lads even put cones and barriers behind them to block the road.

The Royal Mile is the main boulevard which runs through Old Town and leads to Edinburgh Castle. The name was first used in W M Gilbert’s Edinburgh in the Nineteenth Century (1901), and was further popularized as the title of a guidebook, published in 1920. The name refers to the length of the street, meaning it’s “one Scots mile long.” As the most famous road in the city, it’s filled with shops, boutiques, and pubs. From this video, it’s clearly filled with spontaneous charisma!




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