Top 5 Destinations You Can Explore For Your Post-Pandemic Vacation

Even as hopes are high, many global locations remain off-limits while most have travel restrictions in place. It makes sense to consider these facts while you plan your post-pandemic vacation.

New Zealand post-pandemic
Roys Peak, New Zealand. UNSPLASH Aaron Sebastian

After a lean 2020, the tourism industry is ready to make a comeback in the New Year. Although road trips and nearby destinations are trending right now, Americans looking to go overseas will probably have things looking up in 2021. More and more countries will open their doors after vaccine rollouts, and airlines and hotels are also doing their bit by implementing protocols to enable tourists to travel safely. Even as hopes are high, many global locations remain off-limits while most have travel restrictions in place. It makes sense to consider these facts while you plan your post-pandemic vacation. Here are the top destinations that Americans can explore post-pandemic.

New Zealand

A destination that deserves to be on top of everyone’s bucket list, New Zealand has full marks for dealing with the virus. You can pin your hopes on the country once it opens up in 2021, as it is probably going to be one of the safest destinations to spend your holidays. It is equally alluring for other reasons, from its isolated escapes and incredible outdoors. It means that you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy a trip without jostling through the crowds or worrying about social distancing. Additionally, it has wonderful weather throughout the year, so you can travel anytime without waiting for the perfect timing.


Mexico is another preferred destination for Americans as it is among the first countries to open its borders for them. There is much that you can discover here, from the serene beaches to the interesting interior. You can start by touring Mérida, also known as the White City, and check San Miguel de Allende, a food lover’s paradise. Mexico City is a must-visit destination because you will love its culture and food. The city has several accommodation options, which offer a safe and pleasant stay even amid the pandemic. You can also see the neighboring towns and villages that are a traveler’s delight.


If you want to travel to a place closer to home but get the feel of an international holiday, Hawaii makes an excellent option. The choices are incredible, as you have six unique and diverse island destinations to pick from. Maui is the best choice for first-timers because it has the best beaches in the world. If you look at the top 10 things to do in maui, you will be surprised that it has a little of everything that makes it a tourist’s paradise. You can see the best of nature and explore developed areas too. It has great hiking trails, water sports like snorkeling, volcano tours, and a lot more.


Paris may seem like a distant dream right now. But if things go well, it will open up for tourists soon. The City of Lights has an irresistible charm, so it is going to pull the crowds once the pandemic crisis is sorted. You can expect high demand when the country lifts travel restrictions, so a holiday here can be expensive. Still, the city is worth every dollar you spend on its tour. Apart from the attractions that Paris is so well-known for, there are new ones such as the brand-new hotels you may want to try on the next trip here.

Costa Rica

Another destination that holds promise for Americans in the post-COVID era is Costa Rica, the country with one of the lowest fatality rates in Latin America. Moreover, it is open to Americans who meet the listed requirements, so you can check it out confidently. It is an ideal destination for those having sustainability on their travel wishlist. You will love the adventure offerings such as surfing, canopy ziplining, and whale watching. The destination offers luxury as well, as you can explore resorts with high-end eco-lodges.

As things are going in the right direction, travel companies report an uptick in vacation booking for the months ahead. It is the right time to choose a destination of your choice and start planning now so that you can jump at the first chance to fly.

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