How To Make The Most Of Your Spring Semester During COVID

Surviving Spring semester during COVID-19. Make sure to stay safe, stay healthy and make the most out of some of the best years of your life.

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COVID-19 hit The United States and changed college life as we know it. Classes went online, sports games lacked audiences and the social scene became non-existent. As a senior entering my last semester of university, it can be bitter to leave school much differently than intended. But, there are ways we can continue to take advantage of the Spring semester and get the most out of our college experience.

For starters, it is important to remain aware of your university’s code of conduct and COVID regulations. Being informed regarding the number of cases on campus and the amount of people allowed at COVID-friendly gatherings will ensure the safety of you and others.

As the season begin to grow warmer, depending on where you go to college, there are many things you can do safely outside. A projector is a great investment for these outdoor gatherings where you can watch sports games, university hosted speakers or even Monday night Bachelor episodes. Have everyone bring a chair and make sure to distance yourself from one another for an at-home movie theatre experience guaranteed to be a blast.

Another idea that you can implement is hosting socially distanced dinners or wine nights with your group of friends. I do this quite often as we love to gather on their front porch and watch the sunset. Perhaps you can even pick a theme for dinner and supply your own meals to avoid cross contamination. That way you can enjoy the same experience while staying safe.

Some colleges are in person while others are virtual, making it more difficult to connect with peers but it is not impossible. Start a show with your group of friends and have zoom debriefs on each episode. Some recommendations are: Bridgerton and The Bling Empire. You can also compete with your friends through the Apple watch or a health app on your phone if you’re part of a more active crowd.

Whichever way you plan to spend your Spring semester, make sure to stay safe, stay healthy and make the most out of some of the best years of your life.

Katherine McGowan

Social Media Associate

Katherine is a New Jersey native who is passionate about understanding culture through its history and food. You can most likely find her enjoying an Aperol Spritz with a local or getting lost on a windy cobblestone road. Some of her other favorite cities are NYC, Amsterdam, London and Rome.

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