How To Be A Tourist In Your Hometown

It’s possible to find adventure everywhere, even in your hometown!

UNSPLASH Andrew Draper

As travel remains difficult and unsafe, your 2020 adventures may be on pause. But there’s still plenty of ways to seek adventure even if it’s just a few miles away from home! Looking at your hometown with a fresh pair of eyes can be rewarding and as fun as a vacation!

1. Discover new parks and trails.

Waterfall Hike, NJ

As many indoor places are still closed, parks are the perfect place to spend an afternoon alone or with friends! Some of my most memorable summer days consist of taking out food with friends and going to a nearby park for a makeshift picnic. I’m always surprised by the number of new parks I find, especially those with small waterfalls and lakes, making the difference on a hot day. Many of these parks also have hiking trails, leading to even prettier views!

2. Expand your taste buds by eating at a place you’ve never heard of.

Mara's Cafe Food

It’s easy to get caught up in routines and eat at the same places because you know the food is good. I’m guilty of sticking to what I know and ordering the same thing every time. A great way to feel like you’ve just arrived in your hometown is eating somewhere new or ordering something you’ve never heard of, just like you’d do on vacation. Now more than ever, it’s especially important to support small businesses, so this simple adventure can also help you give back to your community! Over this quarantine, I’ve loved finding new cafes and ice cream shops! Just the adrenaline of trying something new makes me feel like I’m far away from home.

3. Have a photoshoot.

UNSPLASH Georgia de Lotz

I miss traveling just as much as I miss taking pictures during these travels! But there’s plenty of photo-worthy spots nearby. If you’re by yourself, you can set up a self-timer and still have amazing pictures. Some places I love are open tennis courts, downtown, and even my backyard! Taking photos and editing them helps revive that creative spirit, and it’s fun to have a reason to dress up again.

4. Watch the sunrise or sunset.

Sunset Clouds

Even though you’ve been in your hometown countless times for the sunrise and sunset, making it an event makes it ten times more memorable. Find a designated lookout point or the highest point to watch the sunrise or sunset in your town. I love doing this because it feels like something to plan for! If you’re staying in your car, you can even set up some pillows and blankets. I’d recommend getting some coffee, food, friends, or a book to keep you company while enjoying the sun saying good morning or goodnight.

5. Visit historic sites.

historic sites
Photo by Tyler Gooding on Unsplash

We often forget that our town has historical sites too! They might not include the Palace of Versailles or the Taj Mahal, but it’s still exciting to learn something new. You can look these up or find information from travel guides about your town. As a bonus, revisit sites that are historical to you like your high school, a favorite spot to bike as a kid, the place where you had your first date, etc. This nostalgia is unique to your hometown, so embrace it!

Being stuck at home can be difficult, but it’s also an opportunity to create your own adventures and give a new meaning to the places you’ve known your whole life.

Shrusti Goswami

Editor / Social Media Associate

Shrusti is a passionate writer and poet. You can often find her drinking a cup of coffee and finding new places to go with her friends and family. After college, it’s her dream to keep traveling the world and bring diverse stories to the big screen.

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