Are You Going To Travel? COVID-19 PCR Test & Lab Report

One year ago, the coronavirus was already spread around the globe. It was the onset of a virus spread that will soon become a global pandemic. A novel virus that spreads so quickly and in some cases is so deadly, forcing governments around the world to impose travel restrictions.

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Here we are, one year later with a vaccine and some travel restrictions still in place. But as the virus is continuing to spread, new mutations appear. There are currently 3 mutations of the coronavirus that are more contagious and deadly than the original version of the virus. Safety measures are taken around the globe and if you are going to travel, you are probably aware of some of them. We will discuss here the key details you need to know if you have a trip planned shortly.

Travel Restrictions

Travel and quarantine restrictions have affected many businesses around the world and not only. Many people had trips planned that were later postponed. If you are among the people who are going to travel soon, then you should know that the restrictions are different depending on the country or state.

Some countries require US citizens to present a negative PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test, taken at most 72 hours previously the trip. This means that three days before your trip, you need to take a PCR test for coronavirus. However, some other countries or states force you to stay 14 days in quarantine upon arrival. So, if you are traveling to one of these countries, make sure you plan your trip and activities accordingly. And check on here traveling restrictions that are still in place. Be careful because you might need to spend time in quarantine or present a negative PCR test upon your return to the US.

COVID-19 PCR Test and Lab Report

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A few details about the COVID-19 PCR test need to be added. It is important to make the difference between a PCR test and an antigen or antibody test. Even though the latter two can be bought from pharmacies, a PCR test can be made only in a medical specialized center.

This is because the antigen test only says if you have the proteins associated with the virus, while the antibody test says if your body has developed antibodies for COVID-19. If yes, it means that you have or had the virus, so you cannot know for sure your health state for the time being. A PCR test is recognized globally by being accurate and the recommended tool for testing.

Even though some insurance can cover the cost of a COVID-19 PCR test, they usually do this in case you have any symptoms. If you want to travel, it will probably be needed to pay by yourself. Another thing to consider is that most medical centers send you the results between 48 and 72 hours after testing. Which in some cases might prove to be too late, as most countries have a maximum of 72 hours for a valid PCR test. At the same time, you need the lab report to prove you have tested negative and some medical centers choose to call you to update you on test results. Lab report writing is essential in medicine, but it is also a popular task for college students. Many students that get medical education need support in the beginning, so they go to lab report writing services for help. If until now lab reports were underestimated, now they are appreciated as many countries require you to present a lab report too. A lab report writing service could ease the job of many employees from the health industries, who are overwhelmed by the huge amount of requests they have.

There is always the option of getting a rapid COVID-19 PCR test result and lab report, but you likely pay from your own pocket. It may be worth it as you can get the results in about one hour.

Traveling is one of the activities many people miss, as the last year was one marked by uncertainty, quarantine, and restrictions. Travel restrictions are still in place in many countries and US citizens are not allowed to enter. However, some destinations require you to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken no later than 72 hours in advance. You also have the option of choosing a rapid PCR test, but you will likely need to pay from your pocket.

Vendy Adams is a content writer and journalist at an online newspaper. As a side job, she helps many medical students with lab report writing, as this is one of her passions. Vendy writes news and educational articles on topics such as health, productivity, and technology.

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