20 Things You Can Do During A Quarantine Staycation

Being home during your quarantine staycation can be depressing if you don’t look at this from a positive point of view.

Most of us are working from home, going to school from home, or bored out of our minds at home. Here’s a list of 20 things you can do to make your quarantine staycation more exciting!


1. Improve your skills in the kitchen.

Learn new cooking and baking recipes. There are plenty of online and easy to find resources via social media.

2. At home fitness.


If you have weights, a mat, and an area to work out, awesome. And if you don’t, don’t worry, you can use household items as weights and your area rugs as mats. Check out all social media platforms for at home workout routines.

3. Start a Blog or YouTube Channel.

You did not have time to do it before, well now you have plenty.

4. Organize your living space.


Whether it is your room, closet, pantries, cabinets, makeup, skin care, refrigerator or more. There are so many rooms and spaces in a home, why not make them neater.

5. Clean.

Start your spring cleaning now. Clean out your garage, spare bedrooms, den, playroom, your own bedroom. There are so many things we forget that we hoard, it’s time to clean them out.

6. Shoe cleaning, anyone?

Sometimes we do not take care of our shoes that we wear daily and we always delay cleaning them. Why not do it now? Clean out your shoes! Throw away old ones or save them! Tip: if you are cleaning shoes made of cloth, try using the magic eraser from Foot Locker.

7. DIY activities or projects.

Whether it is making a new table out of wood with a stain seal or dying your hair from home. Check YouTube, Instagram, or Tik Tok for some fun ideas.

8. Go social.

Through many platforms, people are coming up with dancing, eating, drinking, workout challenges with their friends to help the time pass by. So why not come up with your own? It might even go viral!

9. Enjoy spending time with your pets.


Our furry friends are not used to us being home so why not make it fun for them even during quarantine. Teach them tricks, take your dogs on longer walks, make them delicious meals, and make them happier than ever.

10. Make a list.

Of all the things you want to do when quarantine is over. Being home all day and having access to the internet is an advantage we have, so why not make a bucket list for when this is over.

11. Book it!

Enjoy a book, journal entry every night, compose poetry, write music. Tap into your creative side or escape reality with a new book.


12. Pick up a new hobby or technique.

Sometimes we like to rely on others to do things we can do ourselves. Quarantine is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby you’ve always wanted to try but never had the time to do it or thought it would be easier to just pay someone else to do it. Here are a couple but I’m sure there are many more: do your own nails, learn how to do your own makeup, how to do your own hair, paint, dance, sing, garden, make mixed drinks, or even bird watch. To learn how to do all these things just look on YouTube.

13. Self-care.

Since we can’t make it to our facial or massage appointments. Why don’t you try at home face masks, eye masks, bubble baths with Epsom salt and bath bombs, hot stone massages or meditation.


14. Learn a new language.

Why not learn another language while being home? There are many online sites that can teach you, like Rosetta Stone.

15. Play Games.

Gather everyone you are quarantine-ing with and play board games, card games and app games. Use your gaming consoles, order games online, get them shipped or invent your own! One popular game to check out is Poki – a fun platform for kids of all ages to create and play. During COVID-19, Poki has a unique category called, “Play Safe, Stay Safe” where children can enjoy educational games online even with family and friends. While playing Poki, kids can learn keeping distance, washing hands and managing fever from three different stages of the game.


16. Binge watch T.V. shows or movies.

Perfect time to catch up on your favorite show or to branch out and find a new one.

17. Have a video chat party.

Our phones have access to different apps for video chat so why not round up your friends and get dressed up, throw on some music, make delightful drinks, and party all together, virtually.


18. Make a vision board.

Vision boards can be anything you make them to be and such a fun activity to do while at home. Gather magazines or print images online, find some cardboard or construction paper and put your dreams on a collage.

 19. Recreate or redecorate your house, rooms, or apartment.

We can still order many things online therefore if you dislike the way a room looks and want to change it, do it now while you’re home!

20. Make a list of all the places you want to travel to.

With access to the internet, it is now time to make your travel list, what you will do at this destination, where you will stay, and where you will eat. For instance, a staycation in the UK would be at the top of everyone’s list.

We spend so much time outside our homes that we forget how homie they are. This is the time to enjoy the places we created for ourselves and keep ourselves busy. Let’s stay cozy and positive during our Staycation.

Anastasia Vazquez


Anastasia loves exploring the world, animals, reading books, writing, fashion, and laying on a beach on a hot summer day. She has explored most of the United States, some European and many Caribbean countries. She loves being in new places, trying authentic food, talking to locals, and living in the moment.

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