Zac Efron Sends Birthday Love From Iceland



There’s nothing like celebrating birthdays in a foreign country, hence it’s no surprise that an adventurist like Zac Efron decided to turn 31 in Iceland. The High School Musical alum thanked followers for their birthday wishes by posting a photo and a video from the land of fire and ice.

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Iceland… where the lakes boil 🤷‍♂️

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In the video, it shows the boiling lake where the sulfur smelling hot water comes straight from the ground. Since Iceland sits on the Ring of Fire, the cold and hot water comes from different sources. In areas where water becomes too hot, geysers are formed.

In addition, Icelandic water is also one of the purest water to taste. The cold tab water comes directly from natural springs, filtered through rocks and lavas. For a gulp of crispy and refreshing H2O, Iceland’s got it.

HBD, Zac!


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