Your Full List Of Filming Locations For The Crown Season 4

Season 4 of The Crown is out on Netflix now. Different manors and estates serve as the gorgeous setting for the hit show.

If you ever wanted to step into the screen, look no further. These are some of the places in England, and one in Scotland, featured in The Crown that will sweep you into the story – most of which you can actually go see for yourself!

Somerleyton Hall

The Crown filming location
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In Somerleyton, England, you can find the breathtaking Somerleyton Hall that stands in for the royal residence known as the Sandringham Estate. The hall is known as one of the best Victorian homes in the country with gardens that stretch over 12 acres. Its history goes back all the way to 1240, though the building we see today came about around 1604.

Somerleyton Hall boasts a staircase lined with coats of arms, rooms with stained glass and a yew maze in the gardens. It’s typically available to tour for a few months out of a year.

Ardverikie Estate

The Crown filming location

This estate, located in Kinloch Laggan, Scotland, poses as Balmoral Castle over the seasons. Ardverikie Estate is a convincing replacement for the Balmoral Castle – which belongs to Queen Elizabeth II – with its stunning architecture. The Ardverikie allows tours and offers holiday cottage housing as well as wedding venue options for people who are looking to enjoy the beauty and intimacy of the estate. It’s often used for filming, and is a big part of what makes The Crown’s scenery so special.

Lancaster House

Located in London, England, the Lancaster House is one of the many places that provides a backdrop close enough to mimic the Buckingham Palace. In fact, this is far from the first time it has stood in for the residence of the monarch; you may recognize it from Downton Abbey Christmas special back in 2013.

The interior of the house is extravagant, but rarely open for tourists to view. The mansion sometimes allows the public to enter during the annual Open City event. Instead, consider taking a virtual tour which can take you through the hallways featured in The Crown.

Wilton House

The Crown filming location
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Wilton House, which is in Wilton, near Salisbury, England serves as another backdrop for the Buckingham Palace’s interior. It’s home to the 18th Earl and Countess of Pembroke, and is known to have a family atmosphere.

Visitation is closed until Easter 2021, but the house boasts 17th century interiors, over 22 acres of gardens and its own extensive art collection. It was used as the backdrop in other films, including: Pride and Prejudice and Emma.

Old Royal Naval College

The Crown filming location
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In London, England, the Old Royal Naval College serves as the exterior of the Buckingham Palace on screen. This is a popular London attraction with The Painted Hall and rooms featured in other films and television shows.

For example, the Old Royal Naval College has been used in everything from Les Misérables to Thor: The Dark World. It even offers a Film & TV themed tour, though the location is currently closed until December 3rd.

Burghley House

The Crown filming location
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Burghley House, the new substitute for Windsor Castle in the Netflix show, is in Peterborough, England. Near Lincolnshire, the 16-century home has gardens, a collection of fine art and a rich history. The house was indeed founded by Queen Elizabeth I’s Treasurer Sir William Cecil hundreds of years ago.

You may recognize the place from Pride and Prejudice in 2005. There are no more tours until March 2021, but it has virtual options as well.

Somerley House

The Crown filming location
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The stunning stand-in for the Highgrove House in Gloucestershire, Somerley House is a Hampshire estate with beautiful gardens that hosts weddings and other events. The Highgrove House, which has seen residents like Prince Charles and Princess Diana among other royals, is one of the most beautiful settings in The Crown.

Somerley House does a good job of conveying the real life location’s charm. Though many events being held there are postponed, there are plenty of activities, including: fishing; available in its 7,000 acres of land.

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