Where Was “That 90’s Show” Filmed?

Hello Wisconsin! Or should I say Hello Californian sets, sets, and more sets.

Return to Point Place 15 years later in the spin-off of That 70’s Show, appropriately titled That 90’s Show. The new generation is still hanging  in the Foreman’s basement except this time Kitty (Donna Jo Rupp) and Red (Kirkwood Smith) are supervising Leia Tatooine Forman (Callie Haverda,) Eric and Donna’s teenage daughter as she experiences all of her firsts, including her first boyfriend Jay Kelso (Mace Coronel) – Kelso and Jackie’s son. Join the fun as the kids explore nostalgic rooms and new hangouts in California masquerading as the beloved cheesehead state.

that 90s show
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Sunset Bronson Studios

The Forman’s Basement
Photo: merelos_sam via Instagram

One of the most important locations for the reboot is also the one that brings the most nostalgia: the Foreman’s basement. Back in the day, with the original, the gang spent most of their time escaping their parents. It only makes sense that the reboot would utilize the same room for the new generation and their adventures.

This set is revamped, with the location moving from CBS Studios in Studio City, California to Sunset Bronson Studios in Los Angeles. In addition to the new location of the studio, the basement has been updated for the reboot. As this is set 15 years after the original, it’s no surprise that Kitty redecorated with all the free time of their retirement and empty nest. It seems the couch from the living room has been lugged downstairs. The washer and dryer as well as the fridge and TV have all been styled to fit the 90’s aesthetic. Hyde’s trusty folding chair can be seen in the picture above so there are small details to please the eagle-eyed viewer.

The  Water Tower

that 90s show
Photo: therealkurtwoodsmith via Instagram

The water tower from That 70’s Show makes a return as an Easter egg in That 90’s Show in a few pivotal episodes. First the first time that Leia gets drunk with her new friends, it is at the water tower. She runs there after she almost kisses Nate in the final episode of the first season. Presumably this part of the original set was moved from CBS Studios to the Sunset Bronson Studios for Netflix’s production. This set as well as the one mentioned above and the garage where Eric’s famous Vista Cruiser sits can all be visited if you’re eager to get your fix before season two is announced.

Video Haven

Video Haven
Photo: Video Haven via Facebook

In the second episode of the series titled “Free Leia,” the youngest Foreman travels to a video store named Video Haven, desperately trying to find a movie that her new friends will like. As it turns out, Jay Kelso works at that store and tries to help in her quest for the perfect movie. While it’s very clear that this store is a set created by Netflix, there is a very real video store called Video Haven in Somerset, Pennsylvania that can be visited by movie lovers at any time. This store would blend really easily into the backdrop of That 90’s Show quirkiness as it also doubles as a tanning salon.

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