Where Was “Teen Wolf: The Movie” Filmed?

You won’t need heightened senses to find these California and Georgia filming locations.

The pack is back in Beacon Hills, California to ward off an old enemy with new powers, new allies, and new twists that you will have to see to believe. Join Scott McCall (Tyler Posey,) Lydia Martin (Holland Roden) and Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin,) as they rescue a new generation, including Derek’s teenage son Eli (Vince Mattis) from an ancient evil once again threatening the town. Race through the streets of Los Angeles and Atlanta to explore Teen Wolf’s filming locations.

SPOILER WARNING FOR “Teen Wolf: The Series” and “Teen Wolf: The Movie”!

Palisades Charter High School

Palisades Charter High School
Photo: Palisades Charter High School via Facebook

For the entirety of the series Palisades Charter High School stands in for Beacon Hills High School where Scott meets Allison Argent (Crystal Reed) and where she meets her untimely death in season 3B. Luckily, Allison is resurrected in the movie after fifteen years, and with no memories of who she is, uses the schools hallways and locker room as her own personal werewolf hunting ground similar to what her family has done for generations. When you visit Palisades Charter High School, there won’t be murderous chemistry teachers or Alpha werewolves pressuring you to join the pack, but there might be an overzealous coach waiting to find the next Greenburg.

Fifth Third Bank Stadium, Kennesaw State University

Fifth Third Bank Stadium
Photo: fifththirdbankstadium via Instagram

It would not be Teen Wolf without the inclusion of lacrosse somewhere within the movie. Where there is lacrosse, Coach Finstock (portrayed by Orny Addams) is not to be left out. This year Beacon Hills finds themselves at the state championship, even with clumsy players like Eli, who now sports Scott’s lucky number 11. The championship game was filmed at Fifth Third Bank Stadium, Kennesaw State University in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s also used as a lacrosse, soccer and football field all in one. The stadium is “a world-class, 8,300 seat facility that was completed in the spring of 2010 and has garnered national recognition as one of the premier multi-use outdoor athletics facilities in the country.” But underneath this all-important game, is a game of life-or-death chess match with the Nogitsune in which victory isn’t as certain.

Griffith Park

Griffith Park
Photo:  Paramount Plus

Griffith Park is used as a backdrop for the wooded scenes in the film. Given it is about werewolves, the woods are a necessary recurring feature in both the original series and its sequel film. Griffith Park with its leaf covered ground and twisted trees fulfills its duty faithfully, as its branches are swarmed by the Nogitsune fireflies and life is given back to a young woman on its stump. In this park, according to its website, you may find “rare native species such as Southern California black walnut trees.” Luckily, there isn’t any Wolfsbane or mountain ash in sight.

Calabasas Canyon Park

Calabasas Canyon Park teen wolf
Photo: Paramount Plus

Calabasas Canyon Park was used as the larger set of woods Malia (Shelly Hennig,) Scott and Lydia meet to gather materials for the resurrection ritual, including dirt from the ground where Allison died, supposedly near Beacon Hills High School. Calabasas Canyon Park is not anywhere near Palisades Charter High School in Greendale, it’s an eight-hour drive for our favorite pack. Good thing you won’t be on a midnight deadline when you visit.

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