Where Was Netflix’s “Wednesday” Filmed?

Snap your fingers and visit the kooky and spooky parts of Romania in Netflix’s Wednesday.

The Addams family returns in Netflix’s new Tim Burton adaption Wednesday. In this series, the teenage Addams (Jenna Ortega) must now face the stuff of nightmares: Popularity and friendship.

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As she navigates the dark shadows, Wednesday finds herself with new allies and enemies galore. Follow the titular character as she uncovers murders, lies, and mystery in the hills of Romania.


Cantacuzino Castle

Cantacuzino Castle
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The Nevermore Academy halls house Wednesday for the majority of the series. The exterior of the academy is visible at least once per episode and although it looks like the castle itself is not real, you can visit the academy for yourself. Located in Bușteni, Cantacuzino Castle masquerades as the boarding school for outcasts, giving werewolves, vampires and ghoulish creatures of all kinds a place to fit in. It is here where Wednesday befriends her werewolf roommate named Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers,) and begins to unravel a darker game. Cantacuzino Castle was built in 1911, according to its website. Its stone exterior and crumbling walls are refreshed with a sprinkle of CGI, but for the most part the castle remains intact in all its gloom and glory.

Branesti Lake

Branesti Lake
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Located in the East of Bucharest, Branesti Lake plays host to the Poe Games in the second episode of the series in which Wednesday and Enid team up to take down the school’s queen bee in a rowing competition. This race showcases the softer side of Wednesday, as she begrudgingly helps Enid, to win. Though Wednesday will categorically state there are ulterior motives, she did grimace in a way that some might mistake as a smile.

Bucharest Botanical Garden Greenhouse

Bucharest Botanical Garden Greenhouse
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Bucharest Botanical Garden features as the main classroom setting when Wednesday is not off sleuthing. The class seems to be a form of herbology lessons for the Nevermore students. In these lessons, however, the students are more interested in dissecting each other than in the actual academic material. One saving grace for Wednesday, however, is that her lab partner, Xavier Thorpe (Percy Hynes White) continues to be at the center of her case, and this class allows her ample time to observe him. Ms. Thornhill (Christina Ricci, aka the original Wednesday Addams) the teacher also captures Wednesday’s attention as she is, perhaps, the only adult at Nevermore that respects her quirks. Bucharest Botanical Garden Greenhouse, as described on its website, is much like Wednesday herself, “As if forgotten by all, the old greenhouse constantly conquers through its doors and through the way the sun’s rays caress its facade.”

Monteoru House

Monteoru House #1
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Monteoru House #2
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As is habit for the Addams family, their hijinks often land them in trouble. This remains true for Wednesday as she repeatedly lands in Larissa Weems’ (Gwendoline Christie) office. Larissa, Morticia’s (Catherine Zeta Jones) former roommate during her time at Nevermore where she eventually becomes the headmistress and gaining that gorgeous office. The office itself as well as a few of the interior rooms of the academy are actually filmed inside Monteoru House which is located in Bucharest. According to its website, “Between 1949 and 2013, it was the headquarters of the Union of Writers of Romania.” Ironically, it is Weems’ death that causes Wednesday to let go of her novel.

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