Where Was Netflix’s “Ripley” Filmed?

Andrew Scott, Italy, New York in the 60s, and the most glamorous drama… Can it get any better?

This seems to be a good year for Netflix; from “Maestro” to “The Snow Society,” the streaming giant already has a lineup full of TV successes. Its latest big release is none other than the eight-episode show “Ripley,” based on Patricia Highsmith’s crime novel “The Talented Mr. Ripley.”

“Plein Soleil” (1999) and “The Talented Mr. Ripley” (1999) are the other two major adaptations of the psychological thriller starring the scammer Tom Ripley (Andrew Scott,) who finds himself wrapped in a spiral of dark events after accepting a mysterious commission.

Directed by Steven Zaillian, the screenwriter of works such as “Schindler’s List,” the series has nothing to envy about its two predecessors. It sets itself apart by apportioning alluring novelties like the film noir aesthetic, an ideal technique to immerse the viewer in the classic atmosphere of the 1960s. Additionally, it features appearances by huge stars like Johnny Flynn and Dakota Fanning.

Take note if you want to discover all the details about Ripley’s journey, beginning in New York and arriving in Italy, but beware of spoilers!

New York City

New York Ripley
Photo by New York Instagram

In the Big Apple, we first meet Tom Ripley, a small-time con artist who accepts a millionaire’s proposal to travel to Italy and convince his son Richard Greenleaf (Johnny Flynn) to return home.

The creators of Ripley mentioned the difficulty of filming a period piece in the chaotic city, so they made a great effort to find the right spots. Tom Ripley’s house, for example, is located under Manhattan Bridge, and the area where we see the young man walking after leaving the subway feeling pursued is Mechanics Alley.

For some, this is one of the last true alleys in Manhattan, as most have either become official streets or have been outright eliminated, but Mechanics Alley remains a completely marginal field. In fact, it’s possible to walk up and down it several times at any time of day without encountering anyone else.

Another New York location is the shipyard in which Richard’s father works at, located in a former warehouse in Brooklyn Navy Yard.


Atrani Ripley
Photo by Atrani Instagram

This picturesque Italian town on the Amalfi Coast is the setting for many episodes, as it is the home of Marge and Dickie while the latter dreams of becoming a painter.

The Piazzeta Umberto – where Ripley makes new friends – the small beach, and the exterior of the post office on Via Supportico Marinella are a few of the outdoor points we see.

Atrani is one of the less-known towns on the Italian peninsula, since it’s one of the smallest in the country, it ensures that others like Ravello or Positano take the spotlight. The town, however, maintains a special charm due to its medieval structure of narrow streets, arches, and stairs. All of it heightened with spectacular views of the cliffs and the sea.


Capri Ripley
Photo by Capri Instagram

The wonderful villa where Dickie lives and paints, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, can be found on the island of Capri, and it is the Villa Torricella. Its vaulted ceilings and interior columns make it a true treasure of the Mediterranean.

Best of all, the estate is available on Airbnb and can accommodate six people, so enjoying the stunning outdoor dining area is a possibility for everyone.


Rome Ripley
Photo by Rome Instagram

Later, the action moves to Rome, where Tom Ripley intends to start building a new life with a different name. The inn where he checks into as he arrives is apparently the Hotel Excelsior, nevertheless, only the outer part and suites truly belongs to the Italian capital. While the façade is actually the Hassler Roma, Tom and Freddie’s rooms are from the Palazzo Ruspoli.

Ripley visits more places in “the eternal city,” like the Palazzo dei Congressi or the Spanish Steps, which connect the Piazza di Spagna with the Trinità dei Monti church. In addition, his passion for art leads him to visit some of Caravaggio’s paintings, such as “David with the Head of Goliath.”


Naples Ripley
Photo by Naples Instagram

When Tom and Dickie leave the Amalfi Coast, we see that the landscape stops being bright – everything that black and white allows us to perceive – as the characters enter the dark Naples. Despite the unkempt and chaos ambiance prevailing in the metropolis, it remains as one of the most visited in Italy.

Ripley, in turn, is not immune to Naples’ great historical heritage, which reflects the remnants of ancient Greece and Rome. The protagonist and his friend visit the Church of Pio Monte della Misericordia, a Catholic church founded in 1602 and designed by the Italian Giovanni Cola di Franco. Its Baroque façade is the ideal prelude to what its Renaissance interior houses: “The Seven Works of Mercy,” a masterpiece by Caravaggio.

Furthermore, the hotel in which Tom stays in reality is the Palazzo Sanfelice, a historic palace built in the 17th century and a foolproof example of Neapolitan Baroque architecture.

You can stream Ripley on Netflix today.

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