Where Was Netflix’s “Pain Hustlers” Filmed?

These filming locations will turn you into a hustler.

In Netflix’s newest crime drama, Pain Hustlers, Liza Drake (Emily Blunt) desperately accepts a job offer at a nearly bankrupt pharmaceutical company called: Zanna Therapeutics. Pete Brenner (Chris Evans) takes a chance on Drake after noticing she didn’t meet a single requirement on her resume. That risk turned into an insane success after Drake struck a deal with Dr. Lydell. Before they knew it, there was a long list of physicians prescribing Lonafen – liquidated fentanyl – for cancer patients, and the money came pouring in, with a bit of bribery, of course.

Pain Hustlers
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Drake quickly realized the gravity of the situation when the first patient to be prescribed Lonafen overdosed. Dr. Lydell gets arrested in a DEA sting operation after prescribing this drug to a long list of non-cancer patients, which leads her to confess her involvement with the bribery. The film concludes with Dr. Jack Neel (Andy Garcia,) Pete Brenner, Eric Paley (Amit Shah,) and Liza Drake brought to prison, sent a message to the public about the severity of the situation. The film is based on The Hard Sell: Pain Hustlers by Evan Hughes, a non-fiction book which discusses the opioid crisis in America.


Traveler’s Inn

Traveler's Inn
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Located in Savannah, Georgia, this is the primary filming location of the movie. After a heated discussion about money, Drake and her daughter Phoebe seek refuge in this motel. In this location, Drake realizes she can’t give up on her dreams and needs to make her life count. She makes her notorious popcorn salad containing skittles and M&Ms to cheer up Phoebe. The next morning, after settling in, Liza’s car is repossessed, but shortly after, Jackie lends Drake her pink sedan. She later pays her mother back by buying her a brand-new SUV.

Liza and Pete’s first attempt at a cheap speakers program started as a failure thanks to no one showing up, but after bribing Dr. Lydell and convincing nearby podiatrists to join their party, it became a roaring success. This location is also where Pete Brenner came to visit Drake to show her the long list of patients Dr. Lydell began prescribing Lonafen to overnight. Speaker programs are educational events organized by pharmaceutical companies to discuss the latest clinical trials, treatment options, and pitch new medication products.

Atlanta, Georgia

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The streets of Atlanta were used as a backdrop for many of the driving transition scenes in the movie. This metropolis is known for its one-of-a-kind aquarium, stunning architecture, the world of Coca-Cola Museum, and much more. To learn more about why Atlanta is a frequent filming location, check out how the state of Georgia earned the nickname “Hollywood of the South.”

Tampa Bay

Pain Hustlers Tampa Bay
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The Sunshine Skyway Bridge can be spotted during transition scenes. This location is perfect for a panoramic drive over lower Tampa Bay, with an adjoining beach and plenty of fishing opportunities. Built in 1982, this is the longest cable-stayed concrete bridge in the world and the tallest in Florida at 430 feet high. Here, we can see the luxurious modern two-floor apartment where the mother and daughter duo move into with a panoramic view of Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. One of the most popular activities to do in Tampa is visiting the Busch Gardens, an amusement park filled with exhilarating rides for all ages. To learn more, check out these 8 Family and Budget-Friendly Things To Do In Tampa.

Gandy Bridge

Gandy Bridge
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Located in Tampa Bay, Gandy Bridge can be seen during transition scenes at the beginning of the movie when Liza Drake and her daughter Phoebe are driving to Traveler’s Inn. Built in 1924, the steel and concrete bridge spans a distance of two and a half miles, making it the longest automobile toll bridge in the world at the time of construction. Travelers can rent a kayak, go fishing, watch the sunrise on nearby beaches, or view the lights of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge at night.

Adamo Drive

Adamo Drive
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Here, a pivotal scene is filmed where Drake can be seen speeding down this road in Tampa, to give Dr. Lydell a box of premium-cut filets and prime rib steaks. A frequent occurrence in the film is pharmaceutical companies bringing gifts to physicians to persuade them to write scripts for their medication. Pete Brenner began pressuring Drake to convince physicians to write off-label scripts, which means prescribing Lonafen for patients who have any type of pain. It took little to no convincing for Dr. Lydell to begin prescribing Lonafen to patients with minor pain, such as migraines, small injuries, and other types of non-terminal illnesses.


Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels

A scenic view of downtown Miami was used for transition and driving scenes throughout the beginning of the movie. The luxurious mansion of Dr. Jack Neel, the founder, can be seen with a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean, a private beach, and the tightest security money can buy. He goes to great lengths to make himself untraceable by only using a flip phone, not sending emails, having all guests be patted down, and more. The email thread between Dr. Jack Neel and Liza Drake’s mom after having an affair, however, was more than enough evidence to incarcerate the founder as he swam in his private pool. Travelers can best explore the city when doing these 7 Exhilarating water activities in Miami Beach.

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