Where Was Netflix’s “Murder Mystery 2” Filmed?

There’s no need for kidnapping to get you to these locations in Hawaii and Paris.

In Netflix’s sequel to the action-comedy Murder Mystery, join Nick and Audrey Spitz (Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston,) as they are once again forced into a world of intrigue and danger. This time, however, they are prepared. Two years after the historic solve that concluded the first film, the lovebirds are now trying (and failing,) to run a successful detective agency. Until, that is, an old friend, Maharajah (Adeel Akhtar,) invites them to his lavish wedding on Oahu. Half of the happy couple is abducted, and the amateur detectives must race through the streets of Paris to solve this crime before another murder is committed. There is no white van needed for these locations in Hawaii and Paris.


Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu, Hawaii Murder Mystery 2
Oahu, Hawaii. Photo: Netflix

The destination wedding that the happy couple is invited to is located on an island in Hawaii. This lavish wedding really showcases India’s Bollywood culture and the elaborate work of art that the tent transforms into for an even more extravagant dance number. The celebration even concludes the groom riding in on an elephant. Sadly, instead of bringing joy, this majestic animal carries a message of death. Aside from the landscape and aerial views of Hawaii itself, it also featured Kualoa Ranch, which kept the guests sequestered (mostly in the Spitzes’ room,) until help arrived that came in the form of live action hero, Miller (Mark Strong,) former MI6 operative turned detective. Miller immediately steps onto the ranch and leads the investigation much to the chagrin of Nick and Audrey. Now if only they would have taken the time to explore this luxurious getaway. Kualoa Ranch is a nature preserve quite familiar to avid media consumers. This ranch has been featured on blockbuster films like “Jurassic Park,” “King Kong,” and TV shows like “Hawaii 5-0.” It also offers plenty of amenities to your average traveler, of the non-private helicopter variety.

Arc de Triomphe

Arc De Triomphe Murder Mystery 2
Arc De Triomphe. Photo: Netflix

L’Arc de Triomphe in Paris features as the spot for the handoff of the money between Nick and the kidnappers. The trio of Miller, Nick and Audrey are shown in a van outside the monument. Since leaving Hawaii, they have traveled remarkably fast. The kidnappers specifically requested the Arc de Triomphe as the ransom drop so they could remain anonymous in the endless crowds. This leads to a slightly comedic moment from Adam Sandler. When trying to get the trace on Maharajah, he stalls the kidnapper by making him re-pronounce the location of the drop off, Arc de Triomphe as many times as possible before hanging up the phone. As this is an action movie, this handoff was never meant to go well. It ends in a fiery explosion and with Nick losing the ransom money in the street as a different cloaked figure races away with the briefcase. Have no fear, however the Arc de Triomphe is intact as it has been for 187 years.

Les Cailloux

Les Cailloux Murder Mystery 2
Les Cailloux. Photo: Netflix

Les Cailloux features in the background as the ransom drop fails miserably. The Spitzes watch in horror as Miller burns himself alive in an explosion, and they crash the van into Les Cailloux. Normally, an action hero like Miller would have walked away unharmed, so that should have been our first clue of his nefarious intentions. Les Cailloux is located a half-hour away from the Arc, so anyone who chooses to eat at this Italian winery will be safe from Audrey’s reckless driving and have a delicious pasta to enjoy while their eyes are glued to the trainwreck. While in the City of Love, recreate Lady and the Tramp with your other half, like Nick and Audrey should have in order to decompress from the stressful car chase.

Palais Garnier

Palais Garnier Opera House
Palais Garnier Opera House. Photo: Netflix

Palais Garnier Opera House is the location for a clandestine meeting between The Spitzes and beloved Inspector Delacrioix (Danny Boon.) The poor overworked Inspector just wanted to be a faithful patron of the arts, instead he agreed to give away his car and tie himself up after learning that his friends were framed by the media. While this drama was occurring off stage, Palais Garnier Opera House is more accustomed to the opera holding the audience’s attention. Located in Paris, this historic stage seems to be the only one to avoid accidental destruction in the wake of justice. The opera house is “a masterpiece of 19th century theater art architecture,” meant to be enjoyed as an experience, not just a backdrop.

Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte

Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte
Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte. Photo: Netflix

Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte is another piece of Parisian architecture superficially sacrificed for the sake of an action sequence. This scene takes place after the couple steals a car from the detective inspector to chase down a suspect, who happens to be Countess Sekou (Jodie Turner Smith,) responsible for the theft of the money at the ransom drop. The trio then participates in a “triple-cross” in which none of them end up with the money at the end. Nick and Audrey are left in a beautiful house with nothing to show for it but broken windows and bullets. There are also far more interesting things on the ground than just the house. In fact, the Château hosts an Easter egg hunt every year. It also has highly manicured grass with a water display and fountains. There will be no danger of dying when you visit, except in awe of its beauty.

Les Jules Verne

Les Jules Verne Murder Mystery 2
Les Jules Verne. Photo: Netflix

Les Jules Verne is the setting for the “final reveal.” No good mystery feels complete without a scene gathering all the suspects into one location where the brilliant detective explains the facts of the case. Les Jules Verne is the Haute French Restaurant inside the Eiffel Tower. As far as maintaining a low profile goes, these characters have failed horribly. “Located on the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower, Le Jules Verne enjoys a mythical setting, an invitation to discovery and travel.” Hopefully the only thing interrupting your meal is a proposal and not a bomb.

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower. Photo: Netflix

The Eiffel Tower hosts the final standoff between the detectives and the villain. The fight between Audrey and Miller is as grandiose and eye-catching as the moment itself. Now, I am sure any French person, like Maharajah’s bride Claudette (Melanie Laurent,) could spout off all kinds of entertaining facts, so instead I’m going to talk about the fight and the fact that the real Eiffel Tower was used as a repel point for Audrey to escape. I think it’s safe to say that no one except for the trained professionals should see the side of the Eiffel Tower like that.

Love Locks Bridge

Murder Mystery 2
Love Locks Bridge. Photo: Netflix

Love Locks Bridge or as it is known in French, Pont des Arts, has long been a symbol of love for tourists everywhere. It seems only fitting that the film ends there, with the happy couple renewing their vows. Then the two receive a surprise gift of four million dollars from Maharajah as a thank you. A “Love Lock” Bridge is not only found in Paris, there are many similar bridges around the world for couples everywhere to announce their love.

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Daleney Teske

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