Where Was Netflix’s “Lockwood & Co.” Filmed?

Investigate the United Kingdom Otherworld in Netflix’s “Lockwood & Co.” with these filming locations.

Solve the problem of an amazing vacation all throughout London in Netflix’s “Lockwood & Co.” Follow the clues in this new mystery series, shadowing our favorite new trio: the dashing Anthony Lockwood, played by Cameron Chapman, his genius best friend George Karim, played by Ali Hadji-Heshmati, and the clever, yet elusive Lucy Carlyle, played by Ruby Stokes. These three explore the streets of England as they unravel corruption of supernatural proportions in season one of “Lockwood & Co.”

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Market Hall and Old Police Station in Chipping Campden

Market Hall
Photo: Lisa Snavely via Facebook and Netflix

Market Hall in Chipping Campden is the setting for Jacobs Academy, where Lucy is sent in order to hone her psychic abilities. At first, Lucy struggles to adapt with the immense pressure of her gift, including the fact that this gift is the only way she can provide for her mother. The Academy pushes children to use their powers to fight against enemies that are unseen to the mortal eye. Lucy is awarded a Level III hunting certificate in this courtyard, right before she runs away. Market Hall is located in Gloucestershire, and was used in the past as a shelter for merchants, and farmers, now it is a shelter for these kids and their burdens from the outside world. Old Police Station in the same area is the backdrop for Lucy’s punishment scene when a mission goes sideways and Lucy is blamed. Old Police Station is the last the audience sees in Chipping Campden for the rest of the series, which is a shame because of the rich history of the courtroom, which “has a raised platform for the Magistrates, originally had tiered bench seating for members of the public” and is open for both public and private use.

St. Pancras Station

St. Pancras Station
Photo: iltjones via Instagram

St. Pancras Station guides Lucy away from the academy and onto her next adventure. Not only does this time allow her to plan her next move, it offers a feast of beautiful architecture for the audience. St. Pancras Station, also known as St. Pancras International Station was built in 1868 “to connect London with some of England’s major cities.” Today, the station holds enough activities and shops to keep anyone occupied if they are waiting on a train. Lucky for Lucy, she doesn’t have to waste as she heads to downtown, intent on securing herself a job.

Barbican Centre

Barbican Centre
Photo: Barbican Centre via Facebook

The Barbican Centre in London stands in for Fittes House where Lucy attempts to talk her way to a job. Unfortunately, due to the trial and her history the Fittes House turns her away. Featured in only the first episode of the series titled, “There Will Be Us,” the Barbican Centre isn’t showcased to its full capacity. While there may be a need to eradicate “The Problem” at Fittes House in the show, the Barbican Centre pushes for ideas, innovation and growth within the arts. According to its website, the center, since its opening in 1982, has “hosted and developed innovative work in theatre, music, film, photography, dance, visual arts, and other uncategorizable forms. “

SOAS Library

SOAS Library
Photo: soasalumni via Instagram

The SOAS Library transforms into the British Archives where George spends most of his time. As Lockwood dubbs him the “head” of Research and Development for the company, it makes perfect sense as to why George enjoys his time there so much. The library is also where George and Pamela Joplin (Louise Brealey,) form a connection. Located in the University of London, the SOAS Library is “home to the leading research and expertise on the global issues of today. Our students engage with our academics on these issues throughout their study.” At first glance, there is no paranormal section within the extensive subject guides, but perhaps someone with “The Sight” is better equipped to explore the shelves.

Tate’s Modern Blavatnik Building

Blavatnik Building
Photo: pure_ultramarine via Instagram

Tate’s Modern Blavatnik Building creates the looming presence of the Fairfax Building, including John Fairfax’s 20th floor office. This office is not as drab and gloomy as it appears in the series, with the  Blavatnik Building sporting creative and intricate architecture. Art imitates life, as the Fairfax Building is given its namesake by billionaire John Fairfax, much like the Blavatnik Building was named for billionaire Len Blavatnik. Blavatnik was named one of the richest men in the U.K. in 2015, and made a large donation to Tate Modern, so one cannot help but wonder if within this universe Mr. Fairfax has made similar connections.

Mentmore Towers

Mentmore Towers
Photo: paolo_laraso via Instagram

Combe Carey Hall, the fictional residence John Fairfax hires Lockwood and Co to investigate, is Mentmore Towers in Buckinghamshire. This victorian mansion is featured in episode three, “Doubt The Stars”, and should provide a warning to viewers to doubt everything. What the kids thought would be the answer to their prayers turned out to be a job from hell. Built in 1852, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn of the abundant history present at Mentmore, as it is considered to be one of the best examples of architecture in the 19th Century, as well as a symbol of status and wealth for the Rothchild Family, who owned and lived in the mansion in its heyday.

Kensal Green Cemetery

Kensal Green Cemetery
Photo: bobette_bobettexx via  Instagram

Kensal Green Cemetery is mentioned by name in episode four titled, “Sweet Dreams.” The vast majority of this episode is filmed within this famed graveyard. In fact, the only fiction brought with this location is its history. It was not privately owned or run by the Bickerstaff family and is considered “the first commercial cemetery in London.” The cemetery was commissioned in 1831 and built in 1833, so the idea of century old restless spirits existing in this one concentrated area is not as far-fetched as the some of the more sordid details about the necrophiliac Bickerstaff and the scandal that clouded their legacy within the show. The chapel within the cemetery is also an eerie site for the trio to explore as they unravel the mystery of the mirror in the final episode of the series.

Crowley’s Wharf Power Station

Crowley’s Wharf Power Station
Photo: missbunnyman via Instagram

Crowley’s Wharf Power Station is the setting of Lockwood and Lucy’s late night rendezvous with Flo Bones (Hayley Konadu) in episode five, “Death is Coming.” It is here we find out that the ever proper Anthony Lockwood has a nickname. Flo refers to Anthony as “Locky,”  something that George and Lucy relish in the knowledge and usage of for the rest of the series. Located in Greenwich, along the Thames, Crowley’s Wharf Power Station was originally constructed to supply power to London’s tram system, this power station now acts as an emergency resource, much like Flo Bones herself.

K. & Burt Limited Company

R. K. & Burt Limited Company
Photo: rkburtco via Instagram

K. & Burt Limited Company is disguised as Winkman’s Emporium, the store Lucy and Lockwood are trapped in after their meeting with Flo. The two must rely on Lucy’s bluffing skills in order to escape, but what is not very easily masked are Lockwood’s developing feelings for Lucy. Within this scene, Lockwood is willing to be tortured, killed, and even give up precious information to save her life. It doesn’t take a detective to decipher what that means. While Winkman’s Emporium is filled to the brim with any antique or gadget a ghost hunter must need in their journey, R. K. & Burt Limited Company offers a far less ethereal collection of fine art and digital paper, however it does not make the experience of visiting the shop any less magical.

King Henry’s Stairs and Execution Dock

King Henry’s Stairs and Execution Dock
Photo: leeehoward via Instagram

King Henry’s Stairs and Execution Dock feature as the main location of the penultimate episode where a heist of the aforementioned mirror occurs. King Henry’s Stairs are the only escape plan Lockwood has as George and Flo have a boat docked nearby, ready to leave at a moment’s notice. King Henry’s Stairs and Execution Dock provide a backdrop as ominous as the history itself. The Dock, according to London Remembers, “was the place of execution for those who had been sentenced to death by the High Court of Admiralty – which meant those who had committed a crime on the high seas, usually mutiny, murder… or piracy.” It’s a good thing Lockwood and Lucy’s highest crime was theft. 

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