Where Was Netflix’s “Enola Holmes 2” Filmed?

Pull the thread and discover the filming locations in the United Kingdom for Enola Holmes 2.

The game has new shoes in this Netflix’s sequel. Enola (Mille Bobby Brown) is back and ready to begin her career as a detective on the streets of Victorian England. If only she could be involved in a mystery without Sherlock Holmes’ name appearing to follow in every conversation. Until one day a young Matchbox girl (Serrana Su-Ling Bliss) stumbles in with a missing persons case. With the help of her brother (Henry Cavill) and her “useless” boy, Lord Tewkesbury (Louis Partridge,) she cements her place in history.


Hull’s Old Town

Hull’s Old Town
Hull’s Old Town. Photo: nfh via Instagram

Hull’s Old Town in the United Kingdom provides a background for many scenes, beginning with the foot chase that opens the film. Cobblestones and buildings fly by as Enola outruns the police. Later, it is revealed that the young detective was running away from a murder scene, in which, Enola was made to look like the perpetrator. Hull’s Old Town perfectly emulates the Victorian style because it is a historical district with strong ties to The English Civil War. According to its website, “Hull’s Old Town is a hidden treasure where you will discover Hull’s collection of free museums including Streetlife Museum of Transport, where all the family can climb aboard a tram or take a carriage ride into the past.”

The Royal Oak

the royal oak
The Royal Oak. Photo: royaloaktw1 via Instagram

The Royal Oak is the bar where a very inebriated Sherlock Holmes sways in exit. Located in Twickenham London, the two siblings cross paths on the street, forcing Enola to escort Sherlock to his home, despite his insistence of capability to stand upright. The reason for a sudden over indulgence of the spirits? His current case involving famed nemesis: Moriarty. Enola offers to help him decipher clues, but he ignores her, dolling out advice and repeatedly telling his kid sister to “Write it down!”

221B Baker Street

221 B Baker Street Enola Holmes 2
Photo: 221B Baker Street, London via Facebook

In the long awaited sequel, we are finally shown 221B Baker Street in all its glory. Well, a replica at least. As seen it the photo, the real 221B Baker Street has become a gift shop dedicated to the fictional detective at the address penned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The interior of the apartment was actually built on Shepperton Studios in Surrey. It is in this apartment where Sherlock discovers the link between his sister’s case and his own, prompting the talented duo to combine forces.

Halton House

Halton House Enola Holmes 2
Halton House. Photo: helenelleliang via Instagram

Halton House is the romantic turning point in the film for Enola. She finds herself sneaking into a ball to talk to Willam Lyon (Gabriel Tierney) who she believes is responsible for Sarah Chapman’s disappearance. She tries to speak with William directly but as are the societal rules, if she wishes to talk to him, she must dance. Many skills that younger Holmes possesses, however, dancing is not one of them. Thankfully, she is aided by Tweksbury in a dimly lit bathroom, where he teaches her to dance. Halton House is located in Buckinghamshire County, England. According to its website, “The existing house was built after Alfred inherited it in 1879. On January 15, 1884 the house, designed by William Cubitt & Co., was opened in the presence of the Prince of Wales.” Much like the waltz, Halton House was referred to as a home with “classical grace and modern elegance.”

Dorchester Prison

Dorchester Prison Enola Holmes 2
Dorchester Prison. Photo: steph78276 via instagram

After Enola’s arrest at the ball, she is taken to Dorchester Prison in Dorset. This is later the same prison she is broken out of by her mother (Helena Bonham Carter) and Edith (Susan Wokoma.) If the Instagram pictures are any indication, it seems as though Dorchester Prison has no worries about keeping people from leaving the grounds. Closed since 2013, Dorchester Prison has quite the story to tell. Built in 1795, the penitentiary would have been in action when our fictional detective started his career, perhaps he might have helped with the circulation of prisoners, both in and out of the barbed wire fences. You too can plan your escape route just as the Holmes’ did.

You can stream Enola Holmes 2 now on Netflix!

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