Where Was “Knives Out: Glass Onion” Filmed?

Peel back the layers of filming locations in Greece for Netflix’s “Knives Out: Glass Onion.”

Join Detective Beniot Blanc (played by Daniel Craig,) as he rings in the new year with a new mystery in “Knives Out: Glass Onion.” After receiving yet another mysterious invitation, the Detective’s southern charm is put to the test when he is thrust into the world of inventors, influencers and the one percent. Here are all the gorgeous filming locations in Greece and beyond.

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The Amanzoe Resort and Hotel

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The Amanzoe Resort and Hotel features as the titular Glass Onion, Miles Bron’s (played by Edward Norto) over-the-top mansion on his own private island. The resort houses the players as the mystery unfolds. While it is unclear whether the interior of the hotel is showcased in the film, the private villas (Villa 20) and the beach club are prominently displayed throughout key moments, including Andi’s (Janelle Monae) speech to her “friends.” Located in Port Heli, Greece this luxurious hotel offers itself as a modern-day Acropolis, with spectacular views of the Aegean Sea and many amenities to suit even the most active of travelers.

The Port of Dapia

the port of dapia
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The Port of Dapia doubles as the entrance to Miles’ island and the drop off point before the group of friends reaches his private palace. This scene offers the audience another introduction to the eccentric characters through the eyes of both Benoit and Miles as he greets them. The port itself is approximately four and a half hours from Port Heli, meaning that the montage shown to the audience was definitely movie magic. Dapia is located on the small island of Spetses in Greece.

Spetses is a secluded destination in itself with two seven-room hotels and two major monuments, one of which is the Bouboulina Museum where history is as complicated as the secrets uncovered within the glass onion.

Aquarius Yacht Charter

aquarius yacht charter
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If you thought any of these characters would travel in coach to reach their destination, you would be dead wrong. They were bustled to Miles’ bubble by, what we are led to believe is, a yacht funded by his billionaire entrepreneurship – a rental from the Aquarius Yacht Charter. The insignia is branded on the side of the ship, blurred into the background but still visible to the eye of a dedicated location sleuth. The charter’s price for a excursion to Greece is $220,000 per week plus expenses in both summer and winter season travels. Not only does the luxurious yacht include a master cabin with a study, it also features five other cabins that can sleep ten, as well as a pool and bar, with a crew of nine to make sure the only worries in your head are how much battery is in your camera and which sites you will be visiting.

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