Where Was Hulu’s Rosaline Filmed?

Find out where art the filming locations all over Italy in Rosaline on Hulu.

Before Shakespeare wrote his classic, Romeo and Juliet, there was Rosaline. She had meant to confess her love for Romeo, (Kyle Allen) before her cousin Juliet (Isabela Merced) joined the household, but she realizes her feelings too late. Follow Rosaline (Kaitlyn Dever) as she hatches a plan to break up the star-crossed lovers. There’s only one flaw in her plan, Dario, a suitor that her father is forcing on her hand, (played by Sean Teale) keeps getting in the way.


San Gimignano

San Gimignano
Photo: visitsangi via Instagram

San Gimignano in Siena, Italy is the backdrop for the entirety of the film. Its castles are used for the Capulet House and its streets are used for many discreet meetings between not only Romeo and Rosaline, but the fated lovers as well. According to its website, “The foundation of San Gimignano dates back to ancient times. The legend states, in 63 B.C. two brothers, Muzio and Silvio, two young patricians escaping from Rome after their implication in the conspiracy of Catiline, sheltered in Valdelsa and built two castles: the Castle of Mucchio and the Castle of Silvia, which would develop in the future San Gimignano.”

Lago Tavolese

Lago Tavolese. Photo: francesco_g.1981 via Instagram

Lago Tavolese is a great substitute for the green screen lake that is used frequently throughout the film. First, it is used when Dario and Rosaline have their first outing at the beginning of their arranged courtship. Dario, a former navy man wish to impress Rosaline, but she is far too preoccupied worrying about Romeo. The two are ambushed by a storm and Rosaline misses her chance to dance with Romeo. This freak storm acts as an introduction to Romeo and Juilet’s predetermined meeting, leading Romeo to forget he who was there to see in the first place. While there is no controlling the weather, Lago Tavolese does boast about its abundance of fish. Rosaline’s fear of fish comes into play in the climax of the film, when Rosaline must help Romeo and Juilet escape from their parents, where Rosaline is finally able to completely let go of her feelings for Romeo.

The Castelvecchio Nature Reserve

The Castelvecchio Nature Reserve
The Castelvecchio Nature Reserve. Photo: Ibikemontaione via Facebook

The Castelvecchio Nature Reserve is home to the wooded area where Rosaline chases after Romeo in an effort to stop the wedding. It is here where doubt about her true love start to creep into her mind and she almost kisses Dario. The Castelvecchio Nature Reserve, according to its website, is “just a few kilometers west of San Gimignano, and includes the fascinating ruins of the Castelvecchio Castle.”

Duomo Collegiata di Santa Maria Assunta

Duomo Collegiata di Santa Maria Assunta
Duomo Collegiata di Santa Maria Assunta. Photo: Croc’s Globetrotter via Facebook

Duomo Collegiata di Santa Maria Assunta is the church featured in the background as Romeo and Juilet reveal the news of their marriage in an attempt to stop the infighting. The news does the opposite, causing a fight between Juliet and Rosaline. It is unclear whether this church was also used for their wedding, as Rosaline only hears about the event after the fact. Duomo Collegiata di Santa Maria Assunta, located in Tuscany, has beautiful Roman architecture that fits right into the 1500’s when the film is set. The inside is also covered in murals that are breathtaking in the best way to anyone who wishes to enter the sanctuary.

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