Where Was Hulu’s “Not Okay” Filmed?

Stroll through the streets of New York displayed in Hulu’s Not Okay. No green screen required.

Danni Sanders (Zoey Deutch) is a struggling writer, desperate to be noticed by her influencer crush Colin, played by Dylan O’Brien. In order to gain access to his circle of friends, Danni uses social media to concoct a trip to Paris.

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Her plan, complete with photoshopped pictures, is working well until a series of bombings in France forces Danni into the spotlight, with activists and survivors alike. Follow her as she rises to fame and comes to terms with the weight of her actions, through New York City and beyond.

Spoiler And Graphic Content Warning!

The Arc de Triomphe

The Arc de Triomphe
The Arc de Triomphe. Photo: brunarubio via Instagram

The Arc de Triomphe is easily one of the most notable landmarks in Paris. Perhaps that is why Danni chose to use it as the background in one of her last photos from her “trip.” The Arc also happened to be one of the targets for the bombings. Its history states that it was “wanted by Napoleon in 1806, the Arc de Triomphe was inaugurated in 1836 by French king, Louis-Philippe, who dedicated it to the armies of the Revolution and the Empire. ” In Not Okay, The Arc de Triomphe is inadvertently a symbol of revolution again, only this time it is for Danni’s personal gain. The Arc is featured repeatedly throughout the film as a manifestation of Danni’s guilt, bringing a dark meaning to such a beautiful structure.

JFK Airport

JFK Airport
JFK Airport. Photo jfk airport via Instagram

The JFK Airport scene in Not Okay had viewers screaming at the TV. Until this moment, Danni had not done anything too drastic, and the whole photoshop fiasco probably would have been forgiven. Instead, Danni drives to the airport and embeds herself into the crowd of people deplaning from The International Gate at JFK. Surrounded by reporters, a photo of Danni hugging her father is captured. That photo of Danni in her red beret becomes synonymous with the Paris bombings, giving Danni a chance to be noticed as an activist and join a larger movement. Given the abundance of security at JFK, the audience must believe in movie magic to explain Danni’s random appearance at the gate.

The Rage Cage

The Rage Cage Hulu Not Okay
The Rage Cage. Photo: ragecagenyc via Instagram

The Rage Cage in Brooklyn is an interesting relief from the triggering topics within the film. Rowan Aldren, (played by Mia Isaac,) a school shooting survivor and activist, takes Danni to The Rage Cage as a way of taking control of her trauma. After meeting in a survivors support group, Rowan is helpful as a source for Danni to understand the way real survivors experience and express their traumas. In fact, it is in this very room that Rowan tells Danni, “It’s okay to not be okay” inspiring Danni’s viral hashtag, “I am not okay.”  The Rage Cage is open to anyone 18 or older after they sign a liability waiver. Once there, you will be provided a room to let all your emotions out in the form of destruction. From break ups to bad news, The Rage Cage is a great way to let it all go.

The Queensbridge Park

The Queensbridge Park
The Queensbridge Park. Photo: Tomasz Wolinski Photography via Facebook

After leaving Colin at a party, Danni joins her new support group “family” in Queensbridge Park. It is here, playing kickball with Rowan, that the audience sees Danni genuinely happy for the first time. By the end of the night Danni even thanks Rowan for “reminding her who the good people are.” The Queensbridge Park has two baseball fields, handball courts and playgrounds for all to achieve their athletic dreams. With a view of the Queensboro Bridge just above them, marking its place in the sky, how could anyone resist feeling the same joyous energy Danni felt that night?

The Abrons Arts Center

The Abrons Arts Center Hulu Not Okay
The Abrons Arts Center. Photo: miawisaac via Instagram

The Abrons Arts Center transforms into The Abrams School of Performing Arts, where the activist Rowan Aldren attends high school. According to its website, “The 1975 addition to the Abrons Arts Center was designed by architect Lo Yi Chan of the firm Prentice & Chan, Ohlhausen. The architects sought to sensitively respond to the scale, proportion and mass of the older structure without imitating the neoclassical style of the Playhouse.” The Center offers classes in all types of performing arts and has a Playhouse Theater capacity of 314. In the film, the theater is a backdrop to Rowan’s powerful spoken word piece about performative activism, appropriately titled “Not Okay.”

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