Where Was Amazon Prime’s “Something From Tiffany’s” Filmed?

Engage with the streets of New York City in Amazon Prime’s Something From Tiffany’s.

This Christmas, the streets are lined with blue and white ribbon in Something From Tiffany’s on Amazon Prime. Follow Ethan Greene (Kendrick Sampson) and Rachel Meyer (Zoey Deutch) as a little box brings them on the journey of a lifetime.

something from tiffany's
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After Rachel’s boyfriend, Gary (Ray Nicholson) and Ethan buy gifts for their respective partners, their boxes accidentally swap. One small problem: Ethan was proposing to his girlfriend Vanessa (Shay Mitchell,) with a ring that now adorns Rachel’s hand. Fall in love with downtown New York City all over again with these filming locations.


Tiffany & Co.

Wall Street Location of Tiffany & Co.
Photo: bettinawerner_saltqueen via Instagram

The film itself opens on the exterior of a Tiffany’s store, where both Ethan and Gary are shopping. Tiffany and Co has at least five different storefronts in New York City alone. While it is not confirmed that this is the exact location for filming, this storefront, located on Wall Street near Rockefeller Center is eerily similar. The store pops up again near the end of the film when Rachel learns the truth about Gary. All of  Tiffany & Co. locations boast the same level of service and dedication to their products on its website, “For over 25 years, Tiffany has been committed to conducting our business responsibly, sustaining the natural environment and positively impacting the communities in which we operate.” If you do find yourself in Tiffany & Co. in the near future, hopefully you receive the same quality of service as Rachel did.

Bryant Park Winter Village

Bryant Park Winter Village
Photo: Bryant Park via Facebook

Bryant Park Winter Village plays host to Gillini’s Bakery, where Rachel invites Ethan for a thank-you meal. Her beloved bakery does not exist, but fear not, within the Winter Village there is a perfect substitute called Hudson Valley Farmhouse. According to its website, “The cidery is based at two beloved Hudson Valley farms, Breezy Hill Orchard near Rhinebeck and Stone Ridge Orchard near New Paltz. The farms are known for their commitment to ecological growing and the production of highly flavored fruit.” You may not be able to find a cornetto but you are sure to stumble upon something delicious.

Williamsburg Bridge

Williamsburg Bridge
Photo: williamsburg_bridge via Instagram

The Williamsburg Bridge becomes a memorable spot for both Rachel and Ethan by the end of the film. The bridge located in East River, is what Ethan calls his “secret spot” where he reveals his new book about a child exploring the shadows of New York and instead, finding light. The Williamsburg Bridge also features in a swoon-worthy confession of love from Ethan, complete with a time sensitive meet up at the aforementioned bridge. The history of this special arch is as inspiring to visitors as it is to our lonely writer, according to its website, “The Williamsburg Bridge was one of the last major bridges designed for the horse and carriage.” Some may say it has a knack for connecting people.

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