Where Was Amazon Prime’s “Mr. And Mrs. Smith” Filmed?

You’ve got a new mission: learning everything about the locations of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Do you remember the 2005 classic that eventually gave birth to the trendsetting couple: Brangelina? Prime Video brings back the epic spies with this eight-episode series that, this time, is slightly different.

Maya Erskine and Donald Glover embody Jane and John Smith (not their real names,) two young individuals that, after signing a contract with a mysterious company, become husband and wife. The risky missions assigned to them by Hihi, as they affectionately call their boss, cause a spark to arise between the two strangers.

From killing an eccentric millionaire in New York to protecting an endearing businessman in Italy, there’s no place in the planet the Smiths aren’t willing to go to get their job done.

Stay if you want to learn more about the locations where these lovers leave their mark.



Marseille Restaurant
Photo by Marseille Restaurant Instagram

For their first task, Jane and John are sent to the Marseille Restaurant, in which pure French essence reigns. The warm atmosphere of this establishment contrasts the nature of their mission: to pursue an old woman carrying a secret package, which turns out to be a bomb.

Located in Hell’s Kitchen, the multicultural neighborhood of Manhattan where actors like Timothée Chalamet or Robert de Niro have grown up, Marseille offers the best of both New Yorker and French worlds.

Just 15 minutes from Broadway, Chef Xavier Monge celebrates Provençal cuisine with traditional dishes such as Bouillabaisse or Coq au Vin.


Cherry Lane Theatre
Photo by Cherry Lane Theatre Instagram

The Smiths follow the explosive carrier through the streets of New York, eventually chasing her into the Cherry Lane Theatre on a quiet alley in Greenwich Village.

This site is considered a true institution for the acting world of The Big Apple, being the oldest continuously running off-Broadway theater in the city.

Since opening its doors in 1923, the building has been home to absurdist and avant-garde performances, becoming an unceasing source of creativity for emergent artists.

Nowadays, the Cherry Lane Theatre stands for culture enthusiasts seeking to lose themselves in its characteristic red seats while enjoying their favorite stage show.


Whitney Museum
Photo by Whitney Museum Instagram

As we learned at various points in the series, Jane is an art lover, especially of modern trends. That’s why, for her last (and bloody) meeting with John, she chooses the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Situated between the High Line and the Hudson River, this preeminent center was born in 1930 with the goal of exposing American creators who had difficulty presenting their artistic production.

Currently, this museum is renowned worldwide for its spectacular exhibition of 20th- and 21st-century works, such as Hopper’s painting “A Woman in the Sun,” which the young woman contemplates as her spouse enters the room.


Photo by Calfosch Instagram

In the third episode of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, we see the duo leaving New York for the ski resort of Calfosch.

This charming snowy landscape in the Italian province of South Tyrol is the perfect setting for an adventurous honeymoon. Their mission, this time, is to chase and monitor Gavol and Parker, who are supposed to be enjoying a relaxing vacation. To do this, we see both duos staying at the luxurious Hotel Fanes, side by side.

At 5,396 feet above sea level, Calfosch is one of the most beloved choices for sport amateurs, not only for its impressive slopes but also for its hiking trails, like the Pisciadú Waterfalls.


Lake Como
Photo by Lake Como Instagram

Still in the European country, John and Jane are sent to Lake Como, one of the loveliest areas in all of Italy. The extensive lakes, framed by tall mountains and numerous villages, evokes a tranquility which clashes with the hectic pursuit occurring throughout the episode.

The variety offered by Lake Como’s scenery allows for an infinitude of activities: guided tours of the local castles, walking on Mount Legnoncino, or boat rides.

For those who want to feel like part of a Botticcelli painting for a few days, Villa La Cassinella is the ideal spot. Settled on the romantic shores of the lake, this huge house where the Smiths rest after completing their assignment is the pinnacle of luxury.

Aitana Esteban Rando

Aitana, born and raised in Spain, loves exploring new places and different cultures while staying true to her roots. She's on a mission to visit every spot that stole her heart in books and movies. Fluent in Spanish and English, she's now learning Arabic. For her, speaking different languages is the key to understand the world's beautiful diversity.

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