Where Was “A League of Their Own” Filmed?

Step in the batter’s box and swing through all of the filming locations in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for Amazon Prime’s A League of Their Own.

Watch Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania once again transform into Rockford, Illinois in the 2022 version of A League of Their Own. Like Penny Marshall’s 1992 film of the same title, this series follows the All-American Girls Professional League as they struggle to prove their athleticism in 1943. Unlike its predecessor however, Amazon Prime’s adaptation chooses to highlight the queer women of all races that existed in and outside of the league. Starring Abbi Jacobson and Chante Adams as Carson Shaw and Max Chapman respectively, Jamie Babbit’s A League of Their Own will have fans flocking to the (metaphorical) stands in Pennsylvania for decades to come.


Community College of Allegheny County’s Boyce Park Campus (CCAC Boyce Park Field)

CCAC Boyce Park Field
CCAC Boyce Park Field. Photo: pafia via Instagram

This field is featured as the home of the Rockford Peaches as the team plays their way to stardom. According to an article in The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, “Last year, Amazon Studios and Sony Pictures Television built a brand-new baseball complex over the old CCAC Boyce field.”  The site is manufactured to look as close to World War II Era as possible and will undoubtedly become a landmark attraction given the show’s popularity. This field is where the team bonds, and more importantly it is where Carson and Max cross paths unknowingly for the first time. The college itself is no stranger to sports as it offers a variety of intramural sports for both men and women at each campus.

Aliquippa Morrell Field

Aliquippa Morrell Field
Aliquippa Morrell Field. Photo:  Aliquippa Youth Baseball and Softball via Facebook

Aliquippa Morrell Field is another famous field in Pennsylvania featured in the series, for the Peaches away games. Located near Aliquippa Junior Senior High School, this field not only saw the Peaches struggle and become better players in spite of the adversity, but it is helping local ballplayers do the same. According to its Facebook, the Aliquippa Youth Baseball and Softball mission statement is to, “Establish the ground work for not only a greatness on the baseball field but also a greatness off the field.” This attitude is one more thing those players have in common with the great Rockford Peaches.

Saint Elizabeth Convent

Saint Elizabeth Convent
Saint Elizabeth Convent. Photo: Kelly Lindsay via Facebook

A real convent was not used for the Blessed Sacrament Convent where the Peaches are housed when traveling for games. There is Saint Elizabeth Convent located in Pennsylvania, however, if you wish to have a similar experience. Additionally, Saint Elizabeth’s is a convent for the real Sisters Of Blessed Sacrament, as it was labeled in the episode. In the series, the women live in dorm-like rooms, each paired up in ways guaranteed to create drama. These pairings are courtesy of Carson, as she has fallen in love with her teammate and friend Greta Gil (D’Arcy Caden). Desperate to get some alone time with Greta, Carson puppeteers the room assignments. With the coach and nuns completely unaware of Carson’s true intentions, they readily agree. It is in the convent that Carson and Greta’s relationship blossoms. As the ladies are away from anything familiar (and therefore fear inducing), they can truly be themselves.

There Ultra Lounge

There Ultra Lounge
The Ultra Lounge. Photo: siennapgh via Instagram

There Ultra Lounge is a perfect substitute for the underground speakeasy Carson follows Lupe to on the suspicion that Lupe was trading from The Peaches to a rival team, The Blue Sox. Her shock deepens realizing that more of the team is part of the LGBTQIA+ community than  she ever imagined. The club in the series, is hidden behind a tax office, with only a single blue light to signify its existence. Owned by Vi, (Rosie O’Donnell) whose wife is a huge Rockford Peaches fan, this club plays a vital role in Carson’s journey to acceptance. Sadly, the club is raided by police at the end of the episode, leaving Jo (the Peaches first baseman) with a broken leg. This incident also leads to Jo’s decision to trade to the Blue Sox, so she can avoid the prison sentence. The Ultra Lounge, however, does not stay hidden, and the lights outside the club are bright and multicolored, inviting everyone in. The Ultra Lounge offers a safe space for a new generation of drag queens to perform, just as Schwa de Vivre did in this scene.

Greensburg Amtrak Station

Greensburg Amtrak Station
Greensburg Amtrak Station. Photo: Mark E Kuhns via Facebook

The Greensburg Amtrak Station is featured twice in the penultimate episode of A League of Their Own, titled “Full Count.” Both times the station offers a chance at escape. The first is for Esti. Frustrated by her inability to properly communicate with the team, and with Lupe’s anger at her for not learning English, Esti tries to board a train to Cuba. Jess and Lupe chase her through the Amtrak Station’s covered entrances to the parking lot, but as Jess says, “She’s the fastest stealer in the League. You are not going to catch her.” Instead the two women convince Esti to leave with them by car, clearing out the station for the next escape by Greta. Having lost Jo to the Blue Sox and believing Carson returned to her husband, Greta finds she has no reason to stay in the League and waits for a train to her next adventure. She is stopped by Carson who proclaims that the Peaches need her, Carson especially. Of course, Greta agrees to stay and the two lovers leave hand in hand. The Greensburg Amtrak Station isn’t only for goodbyes, the station can also bring you to your next great adventure, even if it is right there in Pennsylvania.

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