Where Netflix’s “The Circle” Is Filmed

Friends, romance, gossip, drama, alliances, and most of all, catfishing; The Circle has it all.

The Circle
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Including a perfect location that many have wondered about. The American version of The Circle first premiered on Netflix in early 2020; now that the second season is here, it’s bringing back all of the excitement and tension from the first time around in its weekly episodes.

If you’re unfamiliar with the show, you should know that it’s based on a British series by the same name with other variations also developed in France and Brazil. The contestants are trapped in their own apartments and can only talk to other competitors through “The Circle” – a social platform between all of the contestants – where they share posts and messages. The cast also rate and eliminate contestants weekly, and those at the end are known as top influencers in “The Circle.” The ultimate goal is to encourage everyone to “like” you, yet it doesn’t have to be the real you, since the contestants can pretend to be anyone.

the circle
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So, where is this legendary apartment building that the competitors are stuck in? Well, it may be farther than you think! Even though the series premiering right now is American, the show is shot in England. The luxury building, with its large LED circle that glows on the exterior, is located in Salford, England, near Manchester. Fans also love the contestants’ vibrant room designs and décor, if you want to experience life like your favorite new reality stars, this is definitely the place to start.

the circle
Photo by @thecirclenetflix on Instagram

The building that houses the contestants has 65 other rooms, although only 12 are used for the series. These rooms are redecorated, specially personalized for the person staying there, and soundproofed. Since the contestants can’t leave the building, it makes sense that there are some other things they can do there. According to the creator of the series, the production team built a gym and yoga studio for the cast. Often, viewers can also see them relaxing in the jacuzzi on the roof.

Something else you may not know is that the contestants also came to England before the season began filming, since production wanted everyone involved to adapt to the new environment prior to filming. The other versions of the show, namely those from France and Brazil, were also shot in Salford. The same iconic building is used in different variations, making the spot something quite special.


Some of the filming, however, are not of England. There are numerous city clips, most of which were captured in Chicago. If you look hard enough, you can also see several iconic Milwaukee spots, including: Milwaukee River and some Milwaukee cityscapes, also made the cut.

If you’re loving The Circle and want to be the “number one influencer,” as the show says, it might be time to take a trip across the pond!

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