This Is How Halle Berry Does Essaouira


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One with the locals. 🐈✨

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Tagine, mint tea, and DANCE!

Halle Berry is indulging in every aspect of the alluring and mystical Moroccan culture. From eating tagine, to drinking mint tea, this Hollywood actress is soaking up local experiences like any other wanderlust explorer. Here’s how you can do Essaouira just like her!

1. Visit the Essaouira Souk.

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Khamssas in the Souk ✨

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Admire the beauty of hamsa, which is a palm-shaped amulet typically made into jewelries or used as wall decor. The open right hand is a symbol of protection against the evil eye. Khamsah means “five” in Arabic, and it’s also called “Hand of the Goddess.”

2. Ride camels.

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I’m free here, I’m me here. 🐪✨

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A trip to the desert is never complete without an adventurous camel ride.

3. Drink mint tea. 

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Tea time 💖

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The Moroccan mint tea is also called Maghrebi tea. It’s central to social life in North Africa, sometimes it takes part in a ceremony or prepared for guests as a sign of hospitality. The tea is normally made with spearmint, herbs and flowers.

4. Dance along to houara. 

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That feeling when magic happens.

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A spiritual folk dance, the houara was originally created by the Berber tribes. Although, one shouldn’t miss out on the traditional shikat – the Arabic belly dance.

5. Stay at Salut Maroc Boutique Hotel.

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Celebrating every damn second ✨ @salutmaroc

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This beautiful hotel with colorful murals is housed in an 18th-century building with easy access to both Essaouira beach and the busy harbor at Essaouira Citadel. Salut Maroc is home to 11 uniquely decorated guest rooms and suites.

6. Get henna.

Henna is a dye prepared from a plant that makes gorgeous temporary body art. Get an actual henna artist to paint on you instead of getting it in a public plaza or marketplace.

7. Eat tagine.

This typical Moroccan dish is essentially slow-cooked savory stew made with meat, poultry or fish. Mixed with vegetables or fruits. It’s generally served with bread…YUM!


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