The Top Vikings Filming Locations

The Vikings show shot up in popularity ever-since its first series aired in 2013.

Vikings, Vikings: Valhalla
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After six successful seasons of Vikings, Vikings: Valhalla, premiered on Netflix in 2022 as a sequel to the original series. Beyond the shows, the popularity of the norsemen also extended into different industries including merchandise such as clothing and action figures, video games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and even online gambling with the slot Vikings, that is available to play at some of the best NJ online casinos, such as BetMGM.

Vikings started out in a small settlement called Kattegat, a fictional place. While historically speaking, the Vikings dwelled in Denmark, the show suggests that Ragnar and his community were from Norway, since Denmark has no fjords. Here are some of the top filming locations of Vikings.

Novgorod, Russia

Ivar headed to Russia, and it was one of his best decisions since he introduced new powers to the Vikings universe. Before Kiev, Novgorod was Russia’s main stronghold. In fact, in the 14th century, it was one of the largest cities in Europe and it still stands strong today. The city also enjoys the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sicily, Italy

Ragnar is an explorer and his son Bjorn followed him. He sailed his ships into the Mediterranean and visited several countries while he was on tour. One of the places he visited in Season 5 was Sicily in Italy. Here, he offered to be Euphemius’ bodyguard. However, when Bjorn realised that he was not the leader, he changed his mind.

Hedeby, Germany

Seen in Season 2, Hedeby looked like a modest settlement. This is where Lagertha lived with her abusive husband. Later, we see Lagertha thriving, ruling both Kattegat and Hedeby for a while. Although the show places this location in Scandinavia, it is actually located in Germany.

Uppsala, Sweden

Introduced in Season 1, Uppsala was the location of an important religious festival in Vikings. The place included a lot of temples and pilgrims which added insight into the Viking culture and religion. This settlement still stands to this day, and it is named Gamla Uppsala, meaning Old Uppsala.

While Vikings is known for not always being historically accurate, it followed the accurate depiction of this location. It is where Odin was from and it is also the place where human sacrifices took place in real-life Uppsala, just like in the show.

Winchester, England

The capital of Wessex, Winchester is one of the most important locations on the show. Its ruler is King Ecbert, one of the most popular characters on the show, even though he was an enemy to the Vikings. In Season 4, this is also where the Sack of Winchester took place.

Before London, Winchester was the capital of England. A breath-taking city, home to an even more breath-taking cathedral which still stands today.

Kiev, Ukraine

Russia’s main stronghold was Kiev, Ukraine’s capital. It was introduced in Season 6, when Ivar was travelling and he met Oleg, the prince of Kiev. They became friends and formed an alliance. The place is magnificently depicted on the show when Ivar and Oleg fly over the city in a balloon.

Paris, France

Paris is one of the most important locations on Vikings. Paris is featured in a three-long-episode siege, and it is considered one of the greatest battles on the show. It changed the fate of many characters. Rolla married Princess Gisla here and betrayed his people while Ragnar was heavily injured in the battle.

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