All The Filming Locations Of “The Adam Project”

If you could go back in time and recruit your younger self to save the world, what do you think they would say?

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Netflix’s time travel flick The Adam Project stars Ryan Reynolds as easily irritated time traveler (Aged) Adam and Walker Scobell as curious smart ass (Young) Adam. This film also stars Jennifer Garner as stressed single mother Ellie Reed, Mark Ruffalo as the “father of time travel” himself Louis Reed, Zoe Saldana as skilled time traveler and Big Adam’s wife Laura, Catherine Keener as resident time-traveling-capitalist-killer Maya Sorian and Alex Mallari Jr. as Maya’s evil henchman-in-charge Christos.

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The basis of The Adam Project is Aged Adam accidentally travels back in time and meets up with 12-year-old smart mouthed young Adam in 2022. Aged Adam and Young Adam then team up to find out how his wife went missing in the 2018 timeline, and what Maya Sorian had been hiding for Adam’s wife to disappear.


Lynn Valley and Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve

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The main scenes of The Adam Project were filmed on a Vancouver studio set and in North Vancouver. Lynn Valley and the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve were where most of the exterior shots of the Reed’s house and woods were featured in the film. The neighborhood has many attractions connected to this region, such as fishing, scuba diving and paddling through the multitude of lakes or hiking and biking down trails like The Baden Powell trail. With Vancouver weather, this neighborhood has activities year-round, making it impossible to get bored in a place like this.

Dundarave Beach 

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Another North Shore spot featured in The Adam Project was Dundarave Beach. This was where Aged Adam orchestrated a fight between Young Adam and his bully. The area this beach is located was also not too far from the Shoppers Drug Mart located at 2490 Marine Drive, which the “Rainer Farmacy” was in the film. The Dundarave Beach is known for some of the best parts of West Vancouver, such as the Vancouver Seawall, The Beach House Restaurant with its West Coast-inspired seafood cuisine, and prime location for spotting Canada Day’s July 1st fireworks.

The Blarney Stone Irish Pub

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This Irish pub was where Aged Adam caught up with his mom Ellie (played by Jennifer Garner). Located in Gastown, Vancouver at 216 Carrall St, The Blarney Stone Irish Pub is an institution for the best roaring Irish atmospheres in British Columbia. While also being the longest running Irish pubs in Vancouver, making it a landmark, the pub holds live music Friday through Sunday that is said to not disappoint.

H.R. MacMillan Space Centre

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This center was home to two very important and heart-felt scenes of The Adam Project. The first being both the Adams seeing their father Louis (played by Mark Ruffalo) alive again doing his best to teach his students in this auditorium, after successfully traveling back in time to 2018. The second being Aged Adam meeting his wife for the first time, after successfully destroying his dad’s time travel machine (which he had no memory of since its well… time travel related). This meeting happened in the Planetarium Star Theatre, home to sights like nebulas and meteor showers like you’ve never seen!

Chemistry Building

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The exterior for auditorium Louis had his class lecture in was the University of British Columbia’s Chemistry Building. The Adams exited the building with their father, looking extremely confused and worried. Understandable, considering he met his son at future ages, not to mention the punch in the face for not listening to Aged Adam.

Sundance Pub and Inn

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The Pine Ridge Motel in The Adam Project was the Sundance Pub and Inn. According to Yelp, it may not be the best place for a snack, but the ambiance is there. The Adams had their heart-to-heart moment, making Aged Adam realize he may be a bit cynical about their father’s actions.

Vancouver Convention Centre

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According to Atlas of Wonders, this convention center was the inspiration that lead to the digitally-enhanced creation of Sorian’s building. Also, where Sorian accidentally killed her younger self (talk about metaphors)! The center, however, hosts lovely events such as BUILDEX VANCOUVER for environmental innovations and The Wellness Show for innovations in nutrition and overall wellness.

You can catch all the action in The Adam Project on Netflix today!


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