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We’re breaking down the iconic locations in Netflix’s Shadow and Bone. The series is based on Leigh Bardugo’s novels, namely the Grisha trilogy (its first installment titled Shadow and Bone) and the Six of Crows duology. Average orphan Alina Starkov is at the forefront as she discovers her power to call to the light which makes her a “Sun Summoner” – the only one with the true power to save her country and put an end to the war.

shadow and bone
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“You and I are going to change the world,” the mysterious General Kirigan tells Alina Starkov when she discovers she has the power to call light. But where exactly is this world?

We’re breaking down all of the locations from the biggest show on Netflix right here. Whether you’re a fan of the books, the show, or both; find out all the must-visit spots if you want to hang with powerful Grisha like Alina in Ravka, or be part of Kaz Brekker’s crew in Ketterdam.


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The primary filming location for Shadow and Bone is none other than Budapest, Hungary. Many of the scenes depicting the fictional location Ketterdam – located inside the country Kerch – were shot in Budapest to mimic the bustling streets and packed bars.

Some legendary locations in Hungary are included in the show, so keep your eyes peeled. The historical castle that housed Hungarian kings in Budapest makes an appearance. The palace complex was originally completed in the 13th century, though much of what stands today was built in the 1700s. The streets and courtyards are open all day, and this location is certainly worth a visit if you want a taste of the Grishaverse!

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There are also other government buildings in Hungary that were used during filming. Hungary also served as the backdrop for parts of Ravka, you can likely catch a glimpse of the country behind some iconic locations, like: the Little Palace, or the stunning countryside.

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It’s no surprise that Hungary steps in as Ravka in the Netflix show when the architecture resembles the beautiful picture we all had in mind while reading the books. The cast expressed that most of what they filmed was on-location, including when Jesper sleeps with a stable hand in a freezing Budapest stable, or when Nina and Matthias swim in the ocean and trek through the snow.

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Other shots took place at Origo Studios, also located in Hungary, the studio is on Felsőkert u. 9 in Budapest.

Vancouver, British Columbia

The show rounded out filming with the beautiful scenery in Vancouver. It’s no surprise they selected such a spot for a fantastical and magical setting, but the exact locations or studios used are still a mystery, if you truly want to step into Alina’s shoes, we can’t leave out Vancouver.

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Bonus: Book-Based Locations  

It’s one thing to visit the breathtaking spots we saw in the Netflix series, and it’s another to also check out what inspired the fictional locations in the first place.

Ketterdam, a.k.a. home to “Dirtyhands” Kaz Brekker and his crew, like our favorites Inej Ghafa and Jesper Fahey, is originally inspired by Amsterdam. In fact, the characters in the books are often seen using canals, a beautiful landscape Amsterdam is known for. Author Leigh Bardugo has also said that inspirational cities are: Antwerp, Las Vegas, London, and old New York. She said the country Kerch as a whole is derived from the Dutch Republic.

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Bardugo also shared that Ravka is based on Tsarist Russia in the early 1800s, while the icy Fjerda is inspired by Scandinavia.


There’s no doubt that checking out any of these locations will feel like stepping into the books and the universe of Shadow and Bone. Sounds like we have some plane tickets to book!

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