This Is Where Padma Lakshmi Goes For The Best Pizza

It’s all about a “good dough.”


As the host of Top Chef, model Padma Lakshmi sure knows where to go for truly delicious cuisine. This summer, her travels have taken her to the capital of pizza: Naples, Italy.

As soon as the author of Easy Exotic landed in Naples, Lakshmi stopped by a celebrity-favorite hotspot: 50 Kalò. The tasty experience was well documented on the actress’ Instagram account:

Padma Lakshmi Best Pizza
INSTAGRAM @padmalakshmi

As any avid traveler knows, a trip to Naples is sure to be glorified by local pizzas at street vendors and fine dining restaurants. Recently, however, the new movement of Naples pizzas has been aiming to transform the traditional dish with modern takes.

50 Kalò opened four years ago, in Naples’ uber-happening Mergellina district. Under the supervision of Ciro Salvo who grew up in his family’s three-generation pizzeria, 50 Kalò emphasizes on the dough which reflects upon the name of the restaurant in Italian.

Famous for the dough’s lightness, 50 Kalò sources its extra virgin olive oil from Don Alfonso 1890, a two-Michelin-starred restaurant on the Amalfi Coast. Even a simple margherita is mouthwatering. Hungry yet?


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