Apparently, Kendall Jenner’s Dream Vacay Isn’t As Exotic As You’d Think

Maybe that’s what happens when you’ve traveled the world?

Kendall Jenner may be traveling a round the world for her supermodel gigs, but her dream vacation may not be as exotic as we think.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Jenner reveals that her perfect escape is actually not too far away from her home in Los Angeles. A quick getaway to Palms Springs where she can stay in an Airbnb and bike ride during the day actually sounds more than ideal.

The 21-year-old La Perla spokesperson said:

“I like to swim and lay out, and I’m a weirdo, so I’d just go get groceries for the house and hang around with my homies. I’d bring anyone that I love. Anyone that’s down for the journey.”

Besides the expected pool time, Jenner said she would make a mean breakfast including: eggs and waffles or pancakes, with a side of TV in her pajamas.

Instead of Insta-storying a ton like the rest of the Kardashian clan, this cover girl would be far more low key:

“On my perfect day, I’d do nothing — absolutely nothing — on social media. I’d rather not be focused on things like that. I’d rather just chill out… I wouldn’t post on Instagram, but I’d probably go on every once in a while.”

And her choice of music playlist? Think: Lana Del Rey or Tyler, the Creator. Of course, with a margarita or just water in hand.

Have you ever been to Palm Springs? Share with us in the comments.

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