From Roomies To Riches: 16 Celebs Who Shared Housing

According to a survey conducted by SpareRoom, a site listing spare rooms to rent, 41.7% of renters in the United States believe that the current rental market has had a negative impact on their career growth.

16 Celebs Who Shared Housing
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The survey, which was taken by 1,175 renters in the United States in February 2023, also found that 78.38% of participants strongly agreed that searching for an apartment in the current rental market was a source of anxiety. These results highlight the difficulties that many people are facing in the current housing market.

Even celebrities, who now enjoy fame and fortune, once faced similar challenges. Early in their careers, these stars shared housing to make ends meet, proving that success is often born out of necessity and adaptation. Here are 16 celebs who once shared living spaces with other future stars:

  • Matt Damon and Ben Affleck: The two actors were roommates in an apartment in Cambridge, Massachusetts, while struggling to make it in the entertainment industry. They often relocated, adapting to their ever-changing finances. 
  • Brad Pitt and Jason Priestley: were roommates before they became famous. They often had competitions to see who could go the longest without showering and shaving where Brad always won.
  • Judd Apatow and Adam Sandler: The film director and comedian/actor were roommates during their early careers. They lived in a modest apartment, sharing the rent of 900$ a month, and ‘Red Lobster’ was their fancy monthly treat.
  • Justin Long and Jonah Hill: These actors shared an apartment before they became well-known. They fought like an old married couple.
  • Robert Downey Jr. and Kiefer Sutherland: These actors shared an apartment in the 1980s before their big breaks. Kiefer was RDJ’s supportive shoulder during relationship troubles.
  • Michael Douglas and Danny DeVito: These Hollywood legends shared an NYC apartment in the 1960s. Douglas did laundry and praised DeVito as a great roommate. A sock on the door signaled entertaining women.
  • Eddie Redmayne, Andrew Garfield, and Jamie Dornan: These future stars were roommates in Hollywood before their big breaks. They’d split a sandwich for cheaper parking at the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood and compared their rejections.
  • Lady Gaga: Before she became a global superstar, Lady Gaga shared a tiny apartment in New York City’s Lower East Side with a few other struggling artists. 

The experiences of these celebrities prove that sharing living spaces can lead to success. Although they faced difficulties in the housing market, their determination to adapt and persevere eventually paid off. If you’re struggling with high rental costs, remember that there are others in the same boat, and consider the advantages of shared living. You never know, you might end up living with a future superstar!

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