Filming Locations: Stepping Into The World Of Bridgerton

Netflix’s newest period drama Bridgerton dropped on Christmas day, with it came the extravagant essence of the Regency era in London.

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The show uses locations across England as its magical backdrop. While many of the interiors – a few rooms inside the Bridgerton House were sets built for the show -there are numerous others you can see in real life.

The city Bath in Somerset, England serves as the stage for much of the show. If you want to step into the beautiful sceneries and vibrant social scene that make up Bridgerton, keep reading to find out how you can check them out for yourself!

The Bridgerton House: Ranger’s House

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The Bridgerton House’s stunning exterior is featured in many shots throughout the series and belongs to no other than the Ranger’s House in Greenwich, London. It is a Georgian villa and home to over 700 works of art, specifically the Wernher Collection.

Ranger’s House sets the scene for all the tense drama within The Bridgerton House and perfectly fits the wealthy family. The museum is available to visit once winter ends, beginning in Spring 2021.

Featherington House: No. 1 Royal Crescent

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The exterior of the Featherington House gives us a feel for what the characters inside are like. No. 1 Royal Crescent, a museum in Bath, England, is used as the outside of the Featherington family’s home. The architecture is another beautiful sight that adds to the magic of Bridgerton.

Set to reopen in April 2021, the museum has décor inspired by the time period 1776-1796. The rooms, ranging from the parlor to the gentleman’s room to the kitchen, have historic furniture that visitors can see as well.

Many interiors in the Featherington House were built on stages as sets specifically constructed for the show.

Hastings House in London: Wilton House, the Badminton Estate

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The Duke of Hastings’ London home is none other than the Wilton House near Salisbury, England. This gorgeous house might seem familiar, since it’s also featured in productions like The Crown or Pride and Prejudice.

Wilton House boasts incredible art collections, rose gardens, and 21 acres of landscaped parkland. If you want to experience life like Simon Bassett in Bridgerton, this is the ideal place to start! Due to the pandemic, visitation starts again around Easter 2021.

Many other homes are used for the interior of the Hastings House, one notable location being the Badminton Estate in Gloucestershire, which provides locations like the Hastings’ parlor.

Court Scenes: Leigh Court, Castle Howard

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Longing to attend the elite balls like Daphne and Simon? Leigh Court in Bristol is the setting for many of the social events the characters attend. Beautiful interior accompanies the dancing and festivities that take place in the show, it’s easy to see why Leigh Court is a popular location for weddings and other events in real life.

Other court scenes were filmed at locations such as the Castle Howard in Yorkshire, where there are elegant interiors, gardens, and a playground. Travelers can enjoy visits there, with modified hours for the holiday season.

Lady Danbury’s House: the Holburne Museum  

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The Holburne Museum plays the role of Lady Danbury’s home. The art gallery, located in Bath, England, has a vast art collection and is currently open for visitation. For the interior, other homes used in several episodes stand-in for Lady Danbury’s house.

Other Key Locations 

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Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the other smaller locations that appear in the Netflix show.

The scenes where characters eat and gossip take place outside of the Wilton House. Many of Queen Charlotte’s scenes were filmed inside the Wilton House as well. Other outdoor scenes were shot at the Somerley. In fact, both of these locations are present in other shows or films, such as: The Crown.

A cafe known as Pickled Greens is actually the dress shop the characters refer to as “Modiste.” So if you’re curious about where they shop for their formal wear, in reality it takes place here.

The romantic wedding night of Daphne and Simon was shown at an inn, but in reality it was filmed at Dorney Court in England. The charming exterior and interior have historical value and significance, making it an ideal intimate location for the leads in Bridgerton, but it is currently closed until May 2021.

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