Celebrity Summer Travel 2021

Summer is sadly coming to an end, but these celebs show no signs of coming back to reality yet.

celebrity summer travel
Image by @katehudson on Instagram

August usually signifies that summer is wrapping up, it is time to return from vacations and prepare for the grind again. Kate Hudson relaxed in Florence, Italy while Dominic Cooper and Gemma Chan enjoyed the Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire. Here’s a few highlights from celebrity summer travel 2021 as many other stars jetsetted to different parts of the world.

John David Washington appears at the 74th Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland.

John David Washington At The Locarno Film Festival celebrity summer travel
Image by @julieevard on Instagram

American actor John David Washington showed up to the Locarno Film Festival to promote his new film, Beckett.

The Locarno Film Festival began in 1946 and is held in Locarno, Switzerland. The festival is eleven days long and is held every August. Bringing out approximately 250,000 guests every year, the festival showcases auteur cinema for film lovers.

Locarno is a Swiss-Italian town located on Lake Maggiore where Italian is the primary language spoken. It is known as one of the sunniest regions in Switzerland, although it is considered rainy season when the festival takes place. On top of the many museums and art galleries you can explore while in town, Locarno also boasts beautiful views of Lake Maggiore.

Dominic Cooper and Gemma Chan get artsy at the Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire, London.

Gemma Chan On A River In London celebrity summer travel
Image by @hannamoon69 uploaded by @gemma_chan on Instagram

Actor and actress duo attended the Wilderness Festival that took place on August 5-8 in Oxfordshire.

After a one-year hiatus, the Wilderness Festival came back with music and love to Cornbury Park. The event was full of live performances, arts, good conversation, and even a pretend wedding for those who could not have one during the lockdowns.

First mentioned in the Domesday book, Cornbury Park used to be defined as royal property until 1642, after Henry Danvers was gifted the property by Charles I. The 1st Earl of Clarendon, Edward Hyde, became the new owner of the property in 1661. He built upon the buildings located on the property as well as enhanced landscaping. After being inherited by his son, Cornbury Park became a place of farming. During the twentieth century, more landscaping and gardens were built.

Today, business occurs on the property as well as festivals, charity events, and more.

Carmen Electra attends the Remus Charity Night in Spain.

Celebrity Summer Travel. Instagram @carmenelectra
INSTAGRAM @carmenelectra

American actress Carmen Electra appeared in a beautiful red dress for Remus Charity Night in Mallorca, Spain on August 5. Marcel Remus, famed real estate broker, usually holds a Remus Lifestyle Night. But after the recent flood in Germany, he decided to host Remus Charity Night in order to help those affected.

Mallorca is a famous tourist destination due to its stunning shorelines, Spanish architecture, and more. It is home to the city of Palma, which sports great shopping, dining opportunities and live music. To explore the history in Mallorca, there are: Bellver Castle, a fortress built in the 14th century, or La Seu, a famous Gothic Roman church. Mallorca also contains numerous coves that you can explore by boat. Tours are offered to experience these caves.

Kate Hudson explores Florence, Italy.

Kate Hudson In Florence
Image by @katehudson on Instagram

American actress Kate Hudson has been traveling around Europe lately, and one of her recent stops was Florence, Italy.

Founded around 1st Century BCE, Florence is the current capital of Tuscany and capital of the Renaissance. The ancient city was once ruled by the famous, art-loving Medici family who allowed Florence to evolve into a center for all-things art. Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo were born in the Republic of Florence.

Although the city is dependent on tourism, Florence is a big influence on cultural and political identities for other Italian cities.

Tourists in Florence, such as Kate Hudson, can enjoy the beautiful architecture and cultural depth. Explore the beautiful chapels and vineyards that are located throughout the city, as well as tasty Italian cuisine.

Christina Milian vacations in Côte D’azur.

Christina Milian At Cote D'azur
Image by @christinamilian on Instagram

American actress Christina Milian has been relaxing in Côte D’Azur, France, also known as The French Riviera. It began as home to Greek sailors around 7th Century BCE, but after being repeatedly taken over by others for many centuries, Côte D’azur became a place for the wealthy during the 19th century once a railroad was built.

Located in southern France, the French Riviera consists of stunning beaches, rich culture, and plenty of sunny, warm days. Côte D’azur also contains various casinos, villas, and towns to explore if you are looking for some time away from the beach.

It is home to famous locations such as Saint-Tropez, Nice, Cannes, and Antibes.

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