Celebrities Say Drinking Is Not Cool Anymore

Research has shown that excessive alcohol consumption and drug abuse can ruin the skin.

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Ever wondered why the skins of some celebrities are always glowing? You’ve probably seen that some celebrities seem happy and full of energy even after performing for hours. Well, this can be attributed to their healthy lifestyles. Although celebs have been accused of spreading many dangerous or unusual trends, some of them abide by healthy habits.

Many people think that the lives of celebrities are largely about partying or having fun at alcohol-themed events. So they wonder how some of these famous personalities can survive without drinking and eating junk foods. Well, this is somehow true and some celebrities have a hard time trying to maintain healthy lifestyles. Maintaining sobriety when entertaining people at events where almost everybody is consuming alcohol is not easy.

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is especially tricky for celebrities that battle addiction and stop drinking (more details here). Nevertheless, the number of celebrities that are turning to well-balanced and holistic lifestyles without alcohol is increasing. Some of them are even advocating for a sober lifestyle as a new trend.

Why Celebrities Prefer to Keep a Healthy Lifestyle

There are many reasons why more famous personalities are choosing a healthy lifestyle. It’s very likely that you know a person that doesn’t drink. Maybe they used to drink but realized that alcohol is not good for their health. This doesn’t mean somebody has to become an alcoholic before they give it up. The fact is that the number of people turning away from drinking as a way to embrace a healthy lifestyle is increasing by the day. That’s because more people are realizing that alcohol has more disadvantages than benefits.

Just like the ordinary folks have different reasons to quit drinking, famous personalities have theirs too. For instance, big stars like Kim Kardashian say they are too busy to drink. Jennifer Lopez says alcohol is bad for her skin. Natalie Portman and David Beckham say it’s their lifestyle choice. Keith Urban, who is a recovering alcoholic, decided that alcohol is bad for her health and career.

Benefits of Choosing a Healthy Lifestyle

Some of the famous personalities that have embraced a healthy lifestyle without alcohol are already reaping the benefits of their choice. Major among these benefits include:

Losing Weight

Alcoholic drinks are full of calories. Research has shown that there exists an association between the intake of alcohol calorie and obesity or being overweight. A 285ml bottle of beer contains up to 102 calories. A standard 175ml glass of white or red wine contains up to 160 calories. A large 250 ml glass of wine contains up to 228 calories. That means if you cut down on alcohol or quit completely, you avoid adding more calories into your body.

Kim Cattrall says that she used to enjoy cocktails socially. However, she became conscious of both moderate drinking and calories. She adds that she has since stopped drinking and clothes are her mood enhancers. Lee Yeon Hee, who is an SK-II ambassador and actress, has stopped drinking and embraced working out by swimming or yoga to lose more weight. She says that quitting and working out make moving her body easy.

Better Sleep

Celebrities are invited to perform at night. That means they may not have time to sleep some hours of the night and therefore they should maximize their rest when possible. Alcohol interferes with the normal sleep pattern. Although you may fall asleep after drinking, you will be restless for the rest of the night after the alcohol wears out. That’s because alcohol stimulates the brain activity you don’t want when trying to sleep. If you don’t get adequate, quality sleep, you can suffer other problems including stress. It’s not surprising that celebs like Lim Soo Jung, a Korean actress, stopped drinking and embraced a healthy lifestyle to sleep better and combat stress.

Shinning Skin

It’s no doubt that every celebrity wants to have a shining, glowing skin. This is one of the major reasons for quitting alcohol for most celebrities. Alcohol makes the drinker urinate more than they would when not drinking. This dehydrates the body. Dehydration is bad for the skin. It can make your face look red, blotchy, and puffy.

Jennifer Lopez says she does not smoke or drink because it can wreck her skin as she gets older. It’s generally important to keep your skin hydrated and moist to retain its supple appearance. Celebrities that have given up on alcohol have better skin complexion.

Healthier Body

Alcohol puts unnecessary strain on your liver and heart. For a regular drinker, alcohol affects memory, cognitive and coordination abilities. This can affect the career of a celebrity. Christina Ricci stopped consuming alcohol after realizing that it wasn’t good for her life. Alcohol was affecting her health and career negatively. Giving up alcohol increases the chances of leading a healthier, happier, and longer life.

Smiling More

People associate alcohol with having fun and sociability. But, alcohol is a depressant. Depressants affect the general outlook that a person has towards life and mood. In some cases, alcohol abuse causes mental illness. Quitting drinking gives a person more reasons to smile.

Daniel Radcliffe is one of the celebrities that smile more after quitting. He says that giving up alcohol showed him a happiness world he thought was impossible.

Many celebrities look amazing because they gave up alcohol and turned to healthy lifestyles. Such celebrities include Bradley Cooper, who says that if he continued drinking, alcohol would have sabotaged his entire life. Rob Lowe is another celebrity that is always looking good since giving up alcohol. Other celebrities that look amazing since they stop alcoholic drinks consumption include Andy Murray, Tyra Banks, Eli Goulding, Ben Affleck, Katy Perry Brad Pitt, and Jada Pinkett.

The Bottom Line

Research has shown that excessive alcohol consumption and drug abuse can ruin the skin. This can interfere with the look and life of a person. Many celebrities say drinking is no longer cool because they have realized the negative effects of alcohol and decided to quit. The majority of them are even advocating a sober, healthy lifestyle as a new trend. Their always glowing skins and beautiful smiles capture the attention of their fans and compel those still drinking to think about quitting.

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