Britney Spears Spends A Day In Berlin At This Historical Garden

Where Adolf Hitler addressed mass rallies to a million people in 1934.

Britney Spears has been busy this summer touring around the world. After playing a show in London then visiting the Buckingham Palaces with her kids, she arrived in Germany to perform at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin on Monday night.

Along with her sons Jayden and Sean, the singer relaxed in one of the city’s famous sites according to Daily Mail

Lustgarten is a park on Museum Island near the former Berliner Stadtschloss, or Berlin City Palace. Now, the park is the location of parades and rallies. Originally developed in the 16th century, the Lustgarten was the residence of the Elector of Brandenburg which later became the Kingdom of Prussia. After the Thirty Years War, Berlin was redeveloped by Great Elector Friedrich Wilhelm and his wife Luise Henriette of Nassau who transformed this area into a formal garden with fountains and geometric paths.

Fast forward to the early 20th century, the Lustgarten was used as the site of numerous political demonstrations by the Socialists and the Communists. This included the rally against the Nazi Party in 1933, where 200,000 people participated in the demonstration. In 1934, Adolf Hitler addressed mass rallies to a million people here.

After World War II, the Lustgarten was restored to closely resemble the way it appeared during the early 19th-century. You can now visit the gardens for free, it’s a landmark perfect for picnics or breezy strolls.


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