All The Filming Locations Of Netflix’s “One Day”

Try not to break your heart at these filming locations of Netflix’s latest hit: One Day.

One Day is a 14-episode series set across a decades-spanning bittersweet love story. On July 15, 1988, Emma Morley (Ambika Mod) and Dexter Maythew (Leo Woodall) met on graduation night but went their separate ways. After this day, the pair began to meet once a year on the same date and an unexpected connection blossomed. As every episode progresses, viewers can experience the invisible string between them as they change over time but continue to yearn for each other. This series is an adaptation of David Nicholls’, book published in 2011.


Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Netflix UK Instagram
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A graduation party at the University of Edinburgh is where Emma and Dexter’s story begins. The two are opposites since Emma is a shy, hard-working student and Dexter is an outgoing dreamer. In episode one, they share their first kiss in Emma’s apartment before having a deep conversation until sunrise. The following morning, everyone hikes up to Arthur’s Seat to celebrate their first day as adults. This iconic landmark is a dormant ancient volcano offering scenic panoramic city views.

The University of Edinburgh was founded in 1583 and is recognized for having a beautiful, old-fashioned campus. Dexter runs to find Emma after realizing he never got her number and makes sure to give her a kiss goodbye on the Vennel Steps. This one-of-a-kind location offers an amazing view of Edinburgh Castle, which ends up being another place where the couple kisses.

London, UK

London Netflix UK Instagram
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London plays a major role between Dexter and Emma, as this city becomes the most frequent meeting point since it gives them both the feeling of home. Primrose Hill and King’s Cross Station can both be seen during several of their annual visits. They don’t speak for three years after a heated argument at dinner when she realizes he isn’t taking his mother’s death very well because he chooses to use alcohol and drugs as an escape.

At Tilly’s (Amber Grappy) wedding, after surprisingly running into each other, Emma discovers he is now expecting a child and will soon be getting married to Sylvie (Eleanor Tomlinson.) The Savoy Hotel is a classy backdrop while Sylvie is having an affair with Dexter’s boss as he took takes of their one-year-old. It’s clear she has expensive tastes as she looks out of the hotel window wearing a plush robe, deep in thought.

Rome, Italy

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In episode two, Dex travels to Rome and can be spotted strolling in front of 17th-century Fontana dell’Acqua Paola and the Spanish Embassy across Via Garibaldi before exploring the Trastevere quarter. Back in England, Emma is finishing up a theater tour teaching young kids about the history of women’s voting rights, while Dexter takes in everything about Rome. Here, it’s made clear that Emma chose to explore different career paths, while Dexter became more carefree. His mother joins to give him a reality check before meeting at a hotel near Piazza Navona. Dexter can be seen at the Campo de’ Fiori and Via del Biscione before meeting his mother on the rooftop terrace of Bio Hotel Raphaël. Campo de’ Fiori is a historic market – perfect for a pleasant stroll among its stalls, where travelers can buy fresh flowers, fruit, meat and fish.

Paros, Greece

Paros Netflix UK Instagram
Photo by Netflix UK Instagram

In episode 4, Emma and Dexter take their first trip together to Greece. Shot on Paros Island, the trip could have changed the trajectory of their friendship. Entering their hotel room, they discover there is only one bed, breaking one of Emma’s many rules for the trip. Emma peeps at Dexter showering after a long beach day, which builds tension between them. Over dinner, Emma discovers Dexter knew all along about her crush on him thanks to her talkative best friend Tilly. They take a spontaneous trip down to the beach, where they skinny dip, and Dexter confesses he always felt the same but isn’t ready for a relationship. This time together served as a reminder as to why they’ve remained friends.

Paris, France

Paris Netflix Instagram
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In episode 12, Emma now lives in Paris and is thriving after publishing a new book. The couple crosses Passerelle Emmanuelle Riva, an iron bridge crossing Canal St. Martin, as well as the quiet neighborhood of Rue des Gobelins. Dexter is filing for divorce from his wife of two years, while Emma dates a man named Jean Pierre. Here, Dexter confesses he wants to be with Emma and take their relationship seriously, which leads them to have heartfelt confessions and make love.

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