All Of The Filming Locations In “Expats” on Amazon Prime

Feel like a true local in Hong Kong by visiting these filming locations in Expats.

Expats is a six-episode series that tells the gripping story of three women inseparably linked by tragedy. In the bustling Hong Kong of 2014, Margaret Woo (Nicole Kidman) experiences her family being devastated by the disappearance of her young son, Gus. This event has had a significant impact on the life of Mercy Cho (Ji-young Yoo,) a young girl who was taking care of the child the night he went missing. On the other hand, Hillary (Sarayu Rao) tries to rebuild her marriage after her husband cheated, while dealing with the sociocultural pressures of her environment.

Inspired by Janice Y. K. Lee’s “The Expatriates,” the series provides a broad view of this small community of foreigners in Hong Kong, more extensive than it initially seems.



Photo by Ladies Market Instagram

We get to know this place in one of the final scenes of the first episode in Expats when Hillary and Margaret visit it at night, showing us an entirely empty street. It is, however, in the second episode when is revealed that this famous street market is where Gus disappears.

This famous landmark provides some of the most incredible shots in the series, as it is also one of the most visited locations by travelers. At Ladies Market; you can find everything from clothing, brand imitations, watches, souvenirs, to antiques. Running along Tong Choi Street in the Mong Kok district, this popular tourist hub is one of the busiest and liveliest areas, especially during vibrant Hong Kong nights.


Photo by Cheung Sing Restaurant Instagram

One of the most iconic scenes in Expats takes place in xc, in the Tai Hang neighborhood, where Hillary and Margaret dance to the rhythm of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass.”

While enjoying a noodle dish, we see these two protagonists restoring their friendship and discussing their feelings. It is one of the most touching moments in the series, where we begin to understand the emotions of the women.

Expats introduces us to this restaurant where you can experience Asian food like a true local at Cheung Sing restaurant, which appears to be a hole-in-the-wall eatery, serving a fan-favorite: Four Treasures which is a combination of pan-fried pork, chicken sausage and a fried egg.


Mido Café Instagram
Photo by Mido Café Instagram

In Expats, we see young Mercy having dinner with Charly, with whom she later starts a relationship at Mido Café. Together, they admire the old-school neon signs of this restaurant, which opened in 1950 and is a true icon of Hong Kong.

Mido Café has appeared in numerous movies and TV series, such as “The World of Suzie Wong,” “Moonlight Express,” “Goodbye Mr. Cool,” and “Strangers.”


Photo by Mei Foo Sun Chuen Instagram

There are several scenes in Expats in which we see Margaret in a nearly empty apartment, where she often goes to clear her mind. Through Kidman looking out the window, we observe a group of buildings that correspond to Mei Foo Sun Chuen, the first large-scale private housing estate in Hong Kong.


Central Hong-Kong Instagram
Photo by Central Hong-Kong Instagram

Although many moments in Expats are filmed in the streets of Hong Kong’s financial district, the fifth episode is almost exclusively filmed in Central.

Streets like Harcourt Road or Connaught Road Central are mentioned in the series due to the frequent protests taking place there, where thousands of citizens gather to demonstrate against Beijing’s interference in municipal elections.

The series director, Lulu Yang, appears to use this particular arc to shed light on the reality of China’s middle and lower-class population. It also expands the term “expatriate,” emphasizing that it not only includes the rich and powerful, but also their helpers, giving their humble communities additional prominence.

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