All Of The Filming Locations For Netflix’s “A Perfect Pairing”

Follow  “A Perfect Pairing” on a tour of the beautiful Australian Valley.

Netflix rom-com, A Perfect Pairing has people flocking to flights and Airbnb in order to experience all the beauty showcased in this film for themselves. Fear not! You can too!

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From beautiful rainforests, waterfalls and koalas, to luxury cabins and wineries; Numinbah Valley has it all! On top of that, in a town of 200 people, it is easy to imagine that everyone knows everything about everyone and why a stranger is such a novelty. Which is perhaps why A Perfect Pairing chose to use it as a backdrop. According to the director, Stuart Mcdonald, “ made the movie so beautiful and created things that didn’t exist.” Sadly, you can’t visit all of the fictional places in this film, but you can see the locations that they were based on! Here are all the possible filming locations in Numinbah Valley, in the upper Hinterlands of Queensland, Australia.

Prepare yourself for a drizzle of spoilers!

The Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat

The Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat
The Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat. Photo Credit: crystalcreekrainforestretreat via Instagram

The Crystal Creek Rainforest Resort is nestled at the heart of Numinbah and is a perfect way to relax after a long day of work. Or in this case, sheep shearing! This resort was likely used as inspiration for the main house on the Vaughn Family Estate. Not only do the wood interior match the shots of the main house as shown in the film, but Crystal Creek also had the distinctly square pool in which Lola (Victoria Justice) and Max (Adam Demos) take a late-night dip when Hazel is supposedly “out of town.”

Sarabah Estate Vineyard

Sarabah Estate Vineyard
Sarabah Estate Vineyard. Photo Credit: sarabah_estate_vineyard via Instagram

Unfortunately, you cannot pull a bottle of Vaughn Family Wines off any shelves. Numinbah Valley and the nearby Lamington National Park, however, are home to many wineries. The one that is most likely the inspiration for the winery and farm combination, is called the Sarabah Estate Vineyard. This vineyard stretches across a few acres of land and has a fully functioning winery with lunch and dinner offered as well as a large array of wines. Much like Vaughn Family Wines, Sarabah Estate Vineyard is family owned and operated with farm animals and even alpacas that you can pet as you enjoy a smorgasbord of food. In the film, they even mention Yarra Valley as a source for grapes, which this estate lies nearby!

The Natural Bridge Retreat

Natural Bridge Retreat
The Natural Bridge Retreat. Photo Credit: a_meandering_mermaid_ via Instagram

If you were looking for the breathtaking farmlands used as The Waratah Station, look no further than The Natural Bridge Retreat right off Numinbah Road in Crystal Creek. Various scenes on the farm were shot on the six camp sites in this retreat including: the overnight stay between Lola and Max, the fence fixing scene and even the scene at the end of the the movie with the wedding of Sam, a fellow ranch hand, and her partner Hedi, This campsite is no stranger to film crews as according to its website, “Lamington National Park adjoins this outrageously beautiful property that features the waterfall made famous by actress Laura Dern in the iconic Sunsilk shampoo commercial filmed here in 1998.”

Goomoolahra Falls (aka Bilbrough Falls)

Goomoolahra Falls (aka Bilbrough Falls)
Goomoolahra Falls (aka Bilbrough Falls.) Photo Credit: movingtoqld via Instagram

Goomoolahra Falls (also called Bilbrough Falls) is located in Springbrook National Park. In the film, it is the spot that Max calls Syblla’s favorite place. This waterfall is just 40 minutes from the Natural Bridge Retreat on a walking path through Springbrook National Park. There are many falls within Springbrook National Park, so it takes a little bit of work to find your way to this one. The three-tiered cascading fall is surrounded by lush greenery and huge trees, hiding it away as a nugget of untouched magic that anyone who sees it will surely find the beauty in it, just as Syblla herself did.

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