A Complete Guide To The Major Filming Locations For Netflix’s “Emily In Paris”

Entrez-vous en France with the major filming locations in Paris for the first three seasons of “Emily In Paris.”

Explore the city of love and light in the first three seasons of “Emily In Paris.” Emily Cooper (Lilly Collins) is not in Chicago anymore, when she lands a PR position for Savoir, full of high fashion and high class co-workers. Follow in her stilettos all throughout Paris as Emily balances working for a demanding boss Sylvie Grateau (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) and many love interests throughout all the seasons including enigmatic chef Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and cocky, but charming Brit Alfie, played by Lucien Laviscount. Create your own misadventures in Paris, France with the major filming locations for Netflix’s “Emily In Paris.”


Place de L’Estrapade

Place de L'Estrapade
Photo: Netflix

Place de L’Estrapade is the exterior of Emily’s apartment, how she affords a single beautiful view like this is a bigger mystery than how Emily walks up three to four flights of stairs without breaking a sweat. Place de L’Estrapade is a peaceful walk-up in the center of Paris, anyone who visits will have to swoon over its architecture instead of her downstairs neighbor Gabriel, played by Lucas Bravo.

Boulangerie Moderne

Emily in Paris Boulangerie Moderne
PHOTO Netflix

Boulangerie Moderne is featured early on in the series as Emily’s favorite cafe to incorrectly pronounce foods until very late in season three. For the series, there were no replicas or sets, Boulangerie Moderne is Boulangerie Moderne in Paris, France serving up pastries and baked goods to both tourists and locals alike.

Palais-Royal Garden

Emily in Paris Palais Royal
PHOTO Netflix

Palais-Royal Garden is the first time we meet Emily’s best friend in Paris, a nanny from Shanghai, Mindy Chen. The two return to this garden frequently in the subsequent episodes to chat about their work, love or their woes in the streets of Paris as her charges play and tire themselves out under the lights. Pierre Desgots created the garden in 1633. Later, in 1674, the  landscape architect André Le Nôtre redesigned it. Now the duty falls to the people to bring the joy that Pierre undoubtedly hoped it would.

Château de Sonnay

Emily in Paris Château de Sonnay
PHOTO Netflix

Château de Sonnay is the beautiful Camille’s family Château and becomes a staple for drama. Anytime the Château was a main plot point for Emilly, something crazy, shocking or life-changing would be occurring. All the characters coming together with Camille’s (played by Camille Razat) eccentric relatives is always a recipe for disaster. The Château is Château de Sonnay located in France and “is a former stronghold with the right of Upper, Middle and Lower Justice, erected on a site inhabited since the Neolithic period.” It is a force to be reckoned with, much like the drama that ensues on the interior.


Emily in Paris Roxie
PHOTO Netflix

Roxie masquerades as La Nouvelle Eve, a real-life Parisian theater that’s just a four-minute walk from The Moulin Rouge. Mindy (Ashley Park) is working at as a performer. She delivers heart stopping, jaw dropping high notes that would enchant any viewer. Roxie, located in again in Paris, offers French cuisine and a smoky atmosphere right near the Champs-Elysées. Thus the perfect night of mood music, and food can begin.

La Défense Business District

Emily in Paris La Defense
PHOTO Netflix

La Défense Business District is home to Emily’s flavor of the month in the third season, Alfie swanky apartment. According to its website,”The district of La Défense, the largest economic center in Europe, covers three communes: Courbevoie, Puteaux and Nanterre. This business district, mainly surrounded by towers, headquarters and offices.” This center is in downtown Paris is as chic and sleek as the people who occupy the boardrooms.

Terra Nera

Terra Nera
PHOTO Netflix

Terra Nerra is a restaurant in the middle of Paris, its bright red exterior will be recognized by even the most casual “Emily In Paris” fan as Gabriel’s restaurant. The Italian restaurant Terra Nera stood in for Les Deux Compères, Gabriel’s restaurant in season one and two, before the redesign in season three. It is the center of many of the romantic scenes between Emily and Gabriel including their first kiss, and ladies and gentleman, it is as sweet as the pastries Gabriel sells inside.

Pont des Arts

Emily in Paris Pont des Arts
PHOTO Netflix

Pont des Arts is featured frequently during Emily’s walk to work. This metal bridge was built in the early 19th century and was considered the peak of engineering in its original construction. It is the first iron bridge built in the city. Anyone will recognize the chains lining the Pont des Arts, as they are covered in locks baring thousands of couples’ initials, memorializing their love forever. Hence the nickname “Love Lock Bridge.” Sadly, no locks have been added since 2015 due to weight issues. The Pont des Arts remains the staple that connects the city together and this very bridge brought Emily closer to the best decisions she has ever made.

Place de Valois

Place de Valois
PHOTO Netflix

Place de Valois is often referred to as a secret courtyard, but as many times as it has been featured as Emily’s office, can anyone really refer to it as a secret? Technically, Savoir is on the fourth floor above the Galerie Patrick Fourtin art gallery. With all the breathtaking paintings, it’s no wonder that Emily never had a shortage of inspiration for posts.

The Eiffel Tower

Emily in Paris Eiffel Tower
PHOTO Netflix

If you thought you could read any article about Paris and not have it feature the iconic landmark that is The Eiffel Tower, you would have not filled a square on your 2023 bingo card. While I am sure you have been bored with facts about the Eiffel Tower whether you are a tourist or a local,  you may find “Emily in Paris” to be surprisingly refreshing, as the Tower itself is rarely showcased. This may be because as it goes, the attraction is filled to the brim with tourists desperate to soak in the beauty of Paris.

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