A Complete Guide To Filming Locations Of Netflix’s “The Gentlemen”

From dreamy gardens to clandestine fights… these locations will show you the not-so-elegant secrets of the English upper class.

“The Gentlemen” is Netflix’s recent release, an eight-episode series that emulates the Matthew McConaughey movie of the same name, both directed by Guy Richie. The combination of action sequences with classic and smart British dark humor has resulted in a gripping story that keeps you glued to the screen.

When Eddie Horniman’s (Theo James) father passes away, the young man discovers with surprise that his fortune has not been inherited by his oldest brother Freddie (Daniel Ings,) but by him. Overnight, Eddie becomes the heir to an aristocratic title and the family estate of 15,000 acres: Halstead Manor.

All that glitters is not gold, however, as the new duke notices that beneath the land lies a massive cannabis operation. To protect his relatives and home, Eddie will have to confront various English mafia clans, immersing himself in a new world which gradually will seduce him.


Complete Guide To The Filming Locations Of Netflix’s “The Gentlemen”
Photo by Badminton House Gloucestershire Instagram

Halston Manor, the magnificent field that has proudly belonged to the lineage of the Horniman for 500 years, is actually Badminton House, a grand country residence in Gloucestershire.

Its construction dates to the 1600s, and the building owes its current name to the popular sport, which was reintroduced from India and popularized in its extensive, well-maintained gardens.

Badminton House has been the main seat of the Dukes of Beaufort since the late 17th century, and figures such as Charles II and Elizabeth II have stayed there. Additionally, you might find it familiar, as it has appeared in period dramas such as Bridgerton.

Currently, Badminton House remains private, but for those who want to feel like true royals, its owners rent a variety of spaces for weddings, meetings, etc.


Complete Guide To The Filming Locations Of Netflix’s “The Gentlemen”
Photo by Loseley Park Instagram

Another standout location in “The Gentlemen” is Loseley Park, a Tudor Manor House located in Guildford, Surrey.

It was built in the 16th century and is an excellent example of architecture from that era, counting features such as the rich interior detailing. Some significant scenes of the show were represented inside the construction, including the dramatic moment when the Hornimans discover who will inherit the fortune. There, we witness classical elements such as the wood paneling or the ornate plasterwork decorating the room.

This historic land was acquired centuries ago by its current owners, the More-Molyneux, making it a longstanding family property through the decades.

The chases through the forests of Halstead also took place in the surrounding areas of the mansion, whose ravishing landscaped gardens have served as a filming site for series like The Crown.

In a similar way to the previous one, Losely Park is a privately enjoyed estate, allowing, however, visitors at certain times of the year.


Complete Guide To The Filming Locations Of Netflix’s “The Gentlemen”
Photo by The Reform Club Instagram

Moving away from the English countryside, London serves as the scenery for many scenes in “The Gentlemen.”

The elegant bar where Eddie meets to negotiate with the powerful Stanley Johnston is actually The Reform Club, one of the most prestigious private clubs in the capital.

It was opened in 1836 as a center for liberal political ideas and is considered a masterpiece of classical architecture thanks to the initial design by Charles Barry, inspired by Italian Renaissance architecture.

The Reform Club has welcomed distinguished people from several fields as Winston Churchill, and H.G. Wells, among others.

Although access is strictly limited to its members, The Reform Club opens its doors to organized groups on weekday mornings, provided of course, that the dress code of the attendees matches the institution’s standards.


Complete Guide To The Filming Locations Of Netflix’s “The Gentlemen”
Photo by Printworks Instagram

The illegal boxing match taking place in episode two was filmed at the iconic Printworks London in Rotherhithe, South London.

Founded on Europe’s largest printing press, Harmsworth Quays, where newspapers like the Daily Mail used to be printed. Printworks has been renovated as one of London’s most iconic clubbing destinations. Precisely, the industrial spaces typical of its original function provide a unique backdrop for the live music performances.

Despite right now it is closed to the public, electronic music enthusiasts are expected to be able to enjoy the legendary acts again in the near future. The new business proposal includes restoring the edifice so that it can continue to be a cultural space, while also housing offices and shops.

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