6 Filming Locations That Appear In Netflix’s “Baby Reindeer”

We bring you all the filming locations where you should NOT invite a stranger for tea.

“Baby Reindeer” is the latest Netflix miniseries, and it’s already being commented on all social media platforms due to the gripping and distressing drama it portrays. Written and produced by Richard Gadd, the series is based on his own personal experience.

Donny Dunn is a thirty-something who moves from Scotland to London to pursue his dreams of becoming a successful comedian; however, he ends up needing to combine this tough career with a job as a waiter in a pub in Camden. There, he meets Martha (Jessica Gunning,) a middle-aged customer who sits down at the bar counter, looking upset. Feeling sorry for her, Donny decides to invite her for tea, unaware that this will initiate an infinite spiral of harassment and intimidation.

Trying to escape from Martha, the humorist travels through London and Scotland, showcasing a plethora of locations that allow us to experience the genuine culture of these cities.


The Hawley Arms

Baby Reindeer
Photo by The Hawley Arms Instagram

Although not confirmed, inquisitive fans have pointed out The Hawley Arms in Camden as the authentic interior of The Heart, the pub where Donny has his unfortunate first encounter with Martha.

The bar is known as a celebrity hangout, as stars like Liam Gallagher, Kate Moss, Pete Doherty, and Wolf Alice have been spotted indulging in the establishment. The late legend Amy Winehouse was also a regular client of the locale, even asking the manager to let her serve customers.

The exterior of The Heart, nevertheless, corresponds to the Stag’s Head in Hoxton, a traditional English pub which offers a wide range of dishes along with nightly performances.

Bethnal Green’s Working Men’s Club

Baby Reindeer
Photo by Bethnal Green’s Working Men’s Club Instagram

Despite not knowing if Gadd performed at this venue, what is certain is that the stage where Donny regularly performs his monologues can be found at Bethnal Green’s Working Men’s Club. It’s one of the pivotal locations in “Baby Reindeer,” as it has hosted such significant scenes as Martha’s multiple scandalous appearances or the poignant scene of Donny’s breakdown.

It opened in London in 1953 and has since been hosting social events every week, allowing new artists, like Donny, to showcase their talent. Its easygoing and amiable atmosphere makes it the perfect club for those looking to have an enjoyable night out with friends. It’s a place with soul amidst the usual hustle and bustle of London nightlife.

Cooke Pie & Mash

Baby Reindeer
Photo by F. Cooke Pie & Mash Instagram

Right on Hoxton Street, Donny chooses F. Cooke Pie & Mash for his first “date” among Martha. Here we can start to perceive the woman’s mental disequilibrium, as she doesn’t hesitate to shout over the table when she realizes that her “lover” isn’t seeking anything romantic.

Subsequently, after finding his email address, Martha describes the encounter as “coffee fun times” in one of the 40,000 emails she sends him, allowing the viewer to witness her distorted perception of reality.

The Hoppy

Baby Reindeer
Photo by The Hoppy Instagram

In one of the several flashbacks amid Episode 4 – one of the show’s toughest moments – we see an innocent Donny starting to recite monologues at The Hoppy, a bar in Edinburgh, during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. However, the interior belongs to the Army and Navy pub in London.

Royal Vauxhall Tavern

Baby Reindeer
Photo by Royal Vauxhall Tavern Instagram

One of the most endearing characters in the entire series is Teri, an American psychologist whom Donny meets on a dating app. Through some of her comments, it is revealed that the Royal Vauxhall Tavern is a club they often visit due to its intimate ambiance.

The site prides itself on being UK’s first building to be recognized for its significance to the LGBTQ community, as it began attracting a large gay audience after World War II. Over the years, the RVT has built a long tradition of drag shows, cabarets, parties, and queer events.

Regent’s Canal

Baby Reindeer
Photo by Regent’s Canal Instagram

When Donny returns home, he must necessarily pass throughout Regent’s Canal, which has certain dark and solitary stretches. It is precisely in one of these that he encounters Martha, who had been following him with the intention of asking him to explain his sudden disappearance. This, evidently, terrifies Donny, who unsuccessfully tries to escape from her.

Regent’s Canal, notwithstanding, does not usually offer such terrifying experiences; quite the opposite, as along its 8.6-mile route, there are truly charming sections. Specifically, Little Venice, at the western end, is one of its most beautiful areas, as it is surrounded by picturesque houseboats, cafes, and restaurants.

The waterway is popular among Londoners for the wide range of activities it offers, starting with visiting art galleries, kayaking and lounging at waterfront cafés.

Aitana Esteban Rando

Aitana, born and raised in Spain, loves exploring new places and different cultures while staying true to her roots. She's on a mission to visit every spot that stole her heart in books and movies. Fluent in Spanish and English, she's now learning Arabic. For her, speaking different languages is the key to understand the world's beautiful diversity.

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