2020 Is The Year Of Staycations

Many have opted to spend their vacation time on a staycation, indulging in as many experiences as they can from the safety of their homes.


2020 has been a turbulent and difficult year for the world as a whole. People have gone from overlooking the simple things like a midweek movie night to pining over the lack thereof. This “new normal” has left people wondering about their plans and having to adjust their expectations significantly. Vacations and down-time that were much anticipated periods of the year have now become such a stressful undertaking. Many have opted to spend their vacation time on a staycation, indulging in as many experiences as they can from the safety of their homes.

The good news is that the virtual world created by the internet has eased the boredom of long hours at home and kept many families sane during these difficult times.

Adjusted Expectations

Post pandemic, there was an increase in the number of people that were travelling abroad to enjoy their downtime. A whopping 1,4 billion had opted to leave their country to indulge in international wonders and satiate their wanderlust in 2018, and the statistics have continued growing with each passing year. However, due to the circumstances, we find ourselves in, on a global scale, 2020 has officially been deemed the year of the staycation due to travel restrictions and health and safety precautions that have been enacted since the beginning of this year.

While most people understand, respect and try to abide by these rules, they can put a damper on the trip of a lifetime that many novice and experienced travellers have saved up for or planned extensively. This year, those who had plans to travel have been implored to stay within the bounds of their own countries, states, and as far as possible, to stay within the confines of their homes. The good news is that there are still ways to unwind, take a breather, and does something fun with time off, with the option of staying in your nightgown all day.

Virtual Experiences Are All the Rage

With the above being said, human beings do not simply require rest to recuperate but are also looking for experiences worthy of spending their limited time on. Many virtual industries have shown growth over this year because of the added safety they present. One such industry that has managed to boom during this period is online gaming showcasing the more realistic the experience is, the better.

The online casino industry has offered its loyal and potential customers, a range of premium online casino sites to entertain and excite them during their staycation. For those who are missing the feeling of visiting land-based locations, you can find live casino options that come very close to the real experience, with live dealers who are sometimes open to a chat, effectively bringing the human element to your gaming experience. To make this online offer even more attractive, first time players are invited to enjoy a range of welcome bonuses ensuring that there is more bang for the buck. Considering that this is the year when most people have foregone on their travel and accommodation expenses, there should be some extra cash to indulge in this virtual world and maybe even end up getting lucky along the way.

Appreciating the Local Talent

It is no secret that the more we are exposed to something, the less we are impressed by it. This is the main reason why international travel is so popular and tourism is a booming industry worldwide. People are willing to save up, and spend exorbitant amounts of money to see and experience something new. People spend their hard-earned cash hoping to see the natural beauty and cleanliness of places such as New Zealand while getting to experience a unique and interesting culture. Meanwhile, native Kiwis are spending money to see other parts of the world. The point here is that no matter how long someone resides in a country, there will always be something new or wonderful to see. Life is not meant to be spent in one place and it is natural to be curious about other parts of the world but while people are on staycations, they ought to take the time to appreciate the wonders that reside where they do.

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