DRINK: Top 5 Ruin Pubs & Coolest Bars In Budapest

Thanks to ruin pubs and bars in Budapest, this city’s nightlife is full of character.

When it comes to bars in Budapest, here’s a bit of everything: small and local, old-school charm, DJs, ruin pubs and…a boat!

1. Csendes Társ

1053 Budapest, Magyar St 18, Hungary (mapwebsite)

Csendes Társ is one of the most adorable bars we’ve seen in a very long time. Situated right next to Károlyi-kert, Csendes Társ is a beautiful corner of local love. It’s small, with lots of outdoor picnic tables and chairs, the menu offers hundreds of wines and simple dishes. We highly recommend the lollipop drink (light sparkling red wine). Ambiance is casual yet romantic, perfect for any traveler to have a drink or two, kicking off an amazing night!

Csendes Társ Budapest Bar Hungary
FACEBOOK Csendes Társ

2. Púder Bar

1092, Ráday u. 8, 1092, Budapest, Hungary (mapwebsite)

Fashion street is already on the Pest side, but there’s quite a few other hotspots. Starting with Púder Bar. Ruin pubs are a huge deal in Budapest, they’re basically abandoned venues from the Communist era, and now transformed into cool bars and cultural spaces that mixes drinking and art in the same space. Puder Bar is one of the most popular ruin pubs with exhibitions and artistic events during the day.

puder bar

3. For Sale Pub

Budapest, Vámház krt. 2, 1053, Hungary (mapwebsite)

Live music, shaggy on the inside but the walls are plastered with a lot of heart. For Sale Pub is located across the street from the Central Market Hall (which we’ll go into later.) The pub allows you and I to stick little notes, drawings, business cards, pictures…anything you want on the walls. Pretty cool!


4. Szimpla Kert

1075 Budapest, Kazinczy utca 14, Hungary  (map, website)

Szimpla Kert has been labeled as one of the most popular ruin pubs in the city, it attracts both locals and international young travelers. Ruin pubs, pop-art galleries are huge parts of Budapest’s post-Communism culture. It’s a must-do during your visit to check out an exhibition, a photography or art show at a ruin pub such as this one. Culture, great drinks and awesomely cool people…you just can’t beat that!

Szimpla Kert Budapest Hungary bar
FACEBOOK Szimpla Kert

5. A38

1114 Budapest, Budai alsó rakpart, Hungary (mapwebsite)

Budapest is famously knowm for its vibrant party scene, but one of the best places to grab a drink, have some food, listen to international DJs spinning irresistible beats is: A38. Make sure to get there early so you don’t get stuck in a line. A38 sits on the gorgeous Danube and it used to be an Ukrainian stone-carrier. It’s now one of the hottest spots in Budapest with three floors: a roof terrace, a restaurant, a lounge and a club. The music (which spans from poprockalternativejazzelectro to progressive) is as expansive as its drink menu that offers beers, wines and special cocktails!

A38 Budapest Bar Hungary



1065 Budapest, Nagymező utca 38, Hungary (mapwebsite)

Butterflies, rabbits, owls, neon lights, disco balls…all make Instant one of the hottest ruined pubs/night clubs in Budapest…instantly! There are seven different floors for various music genres, and 18 different bars inside this giant venue, so there’s something for everyone. It features an always up-to-date repertoire of current DJs and sets itself as the city’s music trendsetter. The crowd is both local and international in this massive space with multiple rooms that also showcase fun activities: foosball, pinball, dance, bar, lounge. It’s open until 6am daily and a must-go for a crazy night in this crazier city.

Instant Budapest Hungary club bar

Where’s your favorite bar in Budapest? Share with us in the comments.

Wendy Hung


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