Krabi, Thailand’s Island Getaway Made For Animal Lovers

Time for Lime was started in 20002 as a resort/cooking school for tourists on the island of Krabi.

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Koh Lanta is a small island located about 70 km off the coast of Krabi Town in Southern Thailand. While it is hardly an untouched paradise that has only been visited by intrepid backpackers, it is still one of the most chilled out islands to relax on in Thailand.

Koh Lanta has seemingly escaped the huge party vibe that is found on neighboring Koh Phi Phi, and there is no hint of the famous Full Moon parties that you are forced to endure on Koh Phangan. That is not to say that there is nowhere to drink, however, there are plenty of relaxed pubs and beach bars where you can go and drink a cocktail or two (or about 8 in my case), and every so often you will come across a small bar playing music loud enough for you to dance the night away to on the beach.

The island is about 6 km wide, and 30 km from top to bottom. A lush jungle runs along the spine of the island, in some cases only ending right on the beach. And the beaches fringing the island are nothing less than spectacular. My favorite beach was located in the National Park itself down towards the bottom of the island. There is an entrance fee of 200 Thai Baht, which is the equivalent to about $6 US. The entrance fee puts most people off going, hence why I love it. It is quiet and secluded, and the only interaction I really had was chasing monkeys away from my packed lunch. PERFECT.

The real reason I love Koh Lanta is because of the place where I ended up staying. It’s a very unique and special resort.

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PHOTO Laura Paterson

Time For Lime 

I knew relatively little about Time For Lime before I arrived at the front entrance, but as soon as I walked in I knew there was something a little bit different. There were KITTENS…everywhere! My travel buddy Thea immediately acted as if she was a crazy cat lady, (who had been starved of attention for a few years) then proceeded to pick up every kitten in sight and put them all into our beds. This was basically our everyday routine from then on.

So what’s the story?

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Time for Lime was started in 20002 as a resort/cooking school for tourists on the island. The owner Junie Kovacs soon got caught up with the plight of the stray and abused animals on Koh Lanta, then she started Lanta Animal Welfare about 3 km away from the resort. She rescued dogs and cats from all over the island, and started their recovery.

The profits from Time For Lime go directly to the shelter to cover running costs, so if you are staying at the resort, taking a cooking class or simply having dinner, then your money is going to this worthwhile cause.

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The accommodation itself is basic but beautiful. Set in amongst the well-kept, lush garden on Klong Dao beach, it is in the perfect location. Between each bungalow is a small hut and each is home to 3 resident cats, which as we quickly found out, you are allowed to take into your bungalow at night if you need a snuggle buddy.

We took the cooking class, and I managed to get through it without setting fire to any people, cats, dogs or buildings (which as we know is a miracle in itself). The food was delicious and easy to make, and most importantly, they had the most incredible lemongrass mojitos (no wonder I thought I was Nigella Lawson by the end of the cooking class). My already non-existent will power when it comes to cocktails was shortly overcome by the fact that I knew everyone I met was making money for the shelter. Well, that’s what I kept saying to myself anyway.

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PHOTO Laura Paterson

Time For Lime has not only got it right with regards to an awesome, relaxing resort at reasonable prices, but they also managed to capture a unique mix of charm and funk- where everything goes to a good cause. Their food is great, their drinks are spectacular, the staff is friendly and…. well, they have kittens!

So if you are an animal lover, and thinking about going on a Thai island adventure, then Time For Lime is the perfect spot to spend a couple of days.

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PHOTO Laura Paterson

Time For Lime:


72/2 Mo 3. Saladan. Playa Khlong Dao. 81150, Thailand

Phone Number: +66 75 684590

Lanta Animal Welfare:


Phone: +66 (0)843 044 331

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