Relive A Luxurious Colonial Past At Villa Samadhi Singapore

Feels like eras away from Singapore’s modern present.

Why we love this: When one thinks of Singapore, only the hustle and bustle of city life come to mind, never a quiet, rustic retreat. Which is why Villa Samadhi is a godsend for those looking for some peace and tranquility deep inside nature that’s close to the city center. Villa Samadhi is the perfect respite which meticulously recreates Singapore’s rich colonial past. It’s a serene, elegant getaway that truly feels like eras away from Singapore’s modern present.

Private plunge pool

The Experience:

Villa Samadhi is for those looking for something different, something that’s the exact opposite of Singapore’s futuristic cityscape. Villa Samadhi reaches deep into the country’s colonial past and creates an unruffled genteel world. One can’t help but feel as if they’ve traveled back in time as soon as they set foot on the gorgeous grounds.

The mansion is located on the edge of Labrador Park, a lush nature reserve bursting with wildlife. The area used to be a British military base which intersects with the mansion’s colonial heritage. Huge trees and palms hide the black and white mansion from view and the entire property is enveloped in shade and tranquility.

The hotel is set inside of a large sweeping white mansion built in the 1920s. The two-story façade lined with louvre windows that open outward is the perfect picture of vintage colonial luxury. The rooms are located along the extended hallway on the first and second floor in front of the building. Thanks to this layout every unit feels like a personal residence or a villa. Guests will feel as if they are actual residents of the mansion as they take afternoon tea on the porch in front the double doors of their rooms.

The restaurant and bar at the hotel continue to add to the indulgent colonial fantasy. Library Bar is located on the second floor and provides the perfect place to have a quiet, lingering nightcap. The bar is dark and moody but never fussy. It’s an elegant unassuming lounge with teak floors, candle lighting, red velvet curtains and leather armchairs. It feels as if one is in a private cigar lounge or study from the 19thcentury. The bar itself is a simple cabinet case with no gaudy presentation of the liquors or spirits within. The discreet bartender will expertly whip up classic cocktails such as an old-fashioned or a gin and tonic. With no frills, noise or crowds, it’s the most intimate bar to have a solitary drink or a romantic nightcap for two after dinner.

Tamarind Hill is a destination by itself as an award-winning restaurant serving traditional Thai and Shan cuisine. A talented team of Thai chefs reimagine traditional family heirloom recipes for an amazing meal fit for royalty. Set in a separate house up the road from Villa Samadhi, Tamarind Hill creates a distinct experience with cuisine based on the region’s rich colonial history.

Though Labrador Park isn’t right in the city center, it’s still very easy to get to by metro. The location within the park provides distance from the pulsing center of Singapore for those who seek it. Once guests reach Villa Samadhi, there’s nothing but calm and nature which greets them and follows them throughout the entirety of their stay.

The Rooms:

We recommend shelling out for the Sarang room as the private plunge pool is totally worth it. The Sarang feels like a private villa with high teak ceilings and plenty of space for two. The heated whirlpool inside the bathroom is truly the highlight. There’s nothing like plunging into a deep, warm bath with soothing jets in the comfort of one’s own room.

The Crib is the standard room type, although it feels just as spacious and as a villa as well. Some open out to the garden while others are located in the front with its own section of the porch. There are two Luxe Cribs on the second floor which allows for more space, similar to a studio.

The ultimate option is the Luxe Sarang which is actually located in a separate building from the main mansion. The interior has a suite set up with a king bed and plush living area. It also features a private outdoor plunge pool with a garden for the most relaxing, luxurious getaway on the estate.


Free traditional breakfast at Tamarind Hill

Free happy hour at Library Bar in the early evening

Complimentary Afternoon Tea with local desserts and sandwiches

Complimentary glass of port wine in room to drink before bed

Suitable for:

Honeymooners, History Buffs, Leisure travelers, Female solo travelers.


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