Swanky Manhattan Meets Manchester At Hotel Gotham

Move over London. Manchester is quickly becoming an exciting destination for travelers and Brits alike.

This proud, bustling Northern city has got tons of culture, a booming nightlife and it’s also got the coolest new boutique hotel in England, Hotel Gotham.

Hotel Gotham in downtown Manchester just opened in 2015 and it has already won Best Boutique Hotel and Coolest Boutique Hotel in England. The hotel is located in an old bank building that was built by renowned architect, Edward Lutings, in 1927 in the center of downtown Manchester. The high rise building reminded the developers of Manhattan, New York which is how the hotel got the name alluding to Gotham. The lovely operations manager, Dulce Marquez, says they retained the banking theme when coming up with the concept of the hotel, and turned it into a swanky oasis of retro swag and glamour.

We just listened to what the building had to say and we followed it. So everything is banking related. Like Honey , honey and money. It’s rhyming slang here in the north. All the gold bars, the bank manager suits, the briefcases. Above the bar we have briefcases. In the 20s when you sealed a deal, you would throw your briefcase in the air because you closed the deal. We also have the upside down decanters, as the bank manager use to have a decanter of port or cognac in their offices. It’s all somehow related to money. In the bathroom you have a little gold bar. It’s all related to the bank because that’s what it used to be. As you enter Club Brass it has the feeling or the impression that you’re entering into a big vault.

Hotel Gotham has been a huge success that’s exceeded all expectations with a 92% occupancy rate, multiple awards and future hopes of becoming the best hotel in the country.

The hotel is every style and travel blogger’s dream. Every detail is chic, eye-catching and stylish, down to a tee. Everything in the hotel is so Instagram-able and trendy that you’ll want to die. The design is bold with zig zag carpet, popping pink accents and fur bed throws. The rooms are equipped with stylish fashion and travel magazines as well as editions of F. Scott Fitzgerald books with gorgeous covers and Alexa Chung’s “IT” style guide. The rooms have other goodies like big ritzy gold bars, hangover kits, chocolate bars, mugs, umbrellas and a “SWAG” bag in which you can put anything you’d like to take home and send it to reception for valuation. If all this isn’t enough pizazz for your room, you can call up the martini trolley, brought to you by a private bartender who will make a martini to your personal liking right in the comfort of your own room.


On the 6th floor of the hotel, there’s Honey Restaurant—Honey because it rhymes with money—which serves fine British cuisine with a Northern twist. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea. The seasonal menus include fine dining items such as lamb rump, charred Cumbrian Charolais beef and strawberry, gin and lavender merengue. Afternoon tea at Honey Restaurant is delightful and refreshing thanks to the view of downtown and the delicious spread of sandwiches, scones and cakes. There’s nothing like sipping on afternoon tea and nibbling on yummy scones while looking down at the historic buildings and the bustling streets of Manchester.

Club Brass, a swanky, gold-plated gem is the rooftop bar, open to club members and guests of Hotel Gotham only. The outdoor rooftop terrace is the perfect summertime place to have drinks and socialize while nestled between the city’s skyscrapers—similar to hanging out on the rooftops of Downtown L.A. The cocktail menu has 16 original cocktails that were concocted for the opening of Hotel Gotham exclusively, and include snazzy twists on classic drinks like the “In-Fashioned,” “Bellboy Barry’s Bramble,” and “Gotham Spring Punch.”

Being surrounded by all this glitz and glam, it’s impossible not to have a swanky time. Hotel Gotham is unmistakably unique, fun, theatrical and promises to delight the 1920s baller in all of us.

We want our guests to have a unique experience. We want them to be wow-ed and surprised by the experience Gotham. We want to give them what they haven’t thought about yet.

Nadia Cho

Communications Associate

As the empowered female behind the blog: International Women of Mystery, Nadia reps Team JST traveling the world in search of exclusive features on hidden gems and cool hotspots. You can find her exploring metropolitan cities or lounging on tropical beaches.

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