On Tour With Sydney-Based Band: Slumberhaze

Here’s our interview with SASH, the lead vocalist of Slumberhaze.

Your music exudes the concept of crossing genres and dramatic themes, which musicians inspired you when you first started making music? 

A cross between Run-D.M.C. and folk music. Growing up with a European background, we went to many weddings and christenings and I would just stare at the musicians all night. That weird kid that used to ask the musicians can I play when they’re on break. I was also heavily influenced by New York hip-hop stars like Run-D.M.C. and people like LL Cool J and Public Enemy. A real strange marriage, and we wrote a song with a friend when we were seven , which was a fusion of both.

In addition to creating innovative sounds and diving into the art of music making, what do you want listeners to feel when they hear your music? 

We write music to provoke thought, feeling and love. The music is strange but very accessible; it’s nothing different to other music, it just needs a thoughtful ear. We hope to express ourselves truly and if that does something positive to people then we are happy with that outcome.

Since the band was formed in Sydney, how did/does the city inspire your music? 

The main inspiration that Sydney has had on me is the increasing level of stress and pretense. With new unfair laws that limit art and expression, we have another undying burn to write and express more, to inspire more. The trend of mega business-heads is highly irritating, as it’s all a façade and goes opposite to art and truth. We don’t directly discuss this in music, we more discuss it thematically, with exerts and theatrics and sampling in shows. Sydney is beautiful, but the Botox must stop.

Do you think touring has allowed you to travel and see a different side of the world that the average traveler isn’t exposed to? 

Touring is our favorite part of being in Slumberhaze. We are a band on the run and love the thrill of culture shifts, new faces and sights. Leaving your comfort zone is where true art begins and where inspiration is born. The average traveler has it easy, haha!

Where’s your favorite place to play a show?

Being a developing band, we are always having our best shows in Sydney; but we love staying in Byron Bay, the feeling is lovely and swimming after midnight in shark infested waters is always fun.

What is your best way to relax on tour?

Stay clear of each other and lay in your bed listening to your music and reading; that and surfing.

What does traveling mean to you?

It excites me; it stops the rat race trend, gives you new outlooks on old thinking and helps you appreciate diversity. I have a friend that told me he wouldn’t care if he never traveled in his whole life. I don’t know if that’s healthy, though.

Where is the band’s next destination?

We have 15 shows booked for June and July up and down the East Coast. This will be our biggest row of dates and we are already smiling.


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